Youtube Epiphany (aka. Addendum to Gilmore Boys)

If you read my Gilmore Boys post, then you'll know that I am team Dean. However, after watching several videos on Youtube and reading some comments, I've changed my mind. I am officially team Jess. What changed my mind? Well, Rory cheated on Dean (emotionally and physically--that kiss at Sookie's wedding?) with Jess. She also cheated on Logan with Jess, ending also in a kiss. So, if she cheated on Dean and Logan with Jess, then it's obvious she loves Jess and should be with him. Otherwise, she would not have done what she did. If you are in love with two people, usually the second person is to whom the affection is returned because if you weren't in love with that second person, then you would be in love with that first person and you wouldn't have second thoughts...or have gentleman caller #2 on your mind. Rory and Jess had far more in common that she did with Dean or Logan. Jess also knew her better than anyone else too. Dean grew over-possessive and while I would leap to the moon to have a boy that much infatuated with me, after a while, it seems similar to strangulation, not letting me breathe. Logan, no offence, was a pompous jerk and Rory defending him is simply confirming it. Rory and Jess should have ended up together in the end. They both should have married and they would have ended up in the same department: Rory in journalism and Jess in publishing or writing novels. It's as simple as that. Also, in season 2, Jess displayed attention to Rory without being asked to. He brought her that care package (which Jess made her believe was from Luke when really it was all his doing), he pulled that umbrella over her head when Luke's Diner was being "renovated", and he opened up to her, showing his delicate nature. Yes, bad things often followed but hey, to err is human. Besides, they had far more natural chemistry than anyone else.
I really hope they make a Gilmore Girls movie.

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