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I may just kick the cliched and archaic rules, "try something on before you buy it," and, "see it before you buy it" right out the window. With a plethora of online stores that offer unique, one-of-a-kind pieces, what's not to try? Since my fashion taste is eclectic--categorizing it under euro-vintage, preppy, classic, nautical, French-y, stylish, retro, and classical nautical (think the scene in Sabrina where Audrey rides in the boat with Humphrey Bogart)--shopping at Macy's or Dilliard's doesn't exactly give the opportunity to truly express myself through the fashion. TJ Maxx assists a great deal since something that was there one week, won't be the next week, but there are, regrettably, no TJ Maxx stores in Canada. But that is precisely the flexibility and practicality of online shopping. However I'm not referring to purchasing a pair of Hollister jeans from their website or a pair of wedges from Nordstrom's site. I'm talking about under the radar, retro-inspired clothing that you would not otherwise find. Ah, welcome to the world of online shopping, which for me, is bliss.
My ultimate favourite online store, so to speak, is Modcloth. All the clothing is new (except for the section clearly marked as Vintage) but the designs and styles you find as you scroll through the webpage reminisces a treasure you'd find somewhere in a vintage boutique. I've even put my ultimate favourite pieces that I absolutely adore to the fullest extent of the word and wish I bought it when I had the chance. (Thankfully, they already re-add pieces back in stock, and this time, I will not hesitate.)

(Yes, I have a problem, but these are all pieces I would actually wear and buy and not blend and induce mediocrity and invisibility)
I would never actually wear these--are you kidding me?--but I couldn't resist adding them because, yes, they are extreme, but they are also interesting. Mhmm, perhaps this could be something Jane Aldridge of sea of shoes would wear... 

Next best online store would be Topshop. It exudes the European cool that I often find myself gravitating towards when I choose to be more defined, and not, well, costume-y.

So, so cool. While Modcloth is strictly online, Topshop isn't. Topshop hails from the UK, but it does have a store in NYC...and in Toronto soon (YAY!). But if you're nowhere near London, UK, or NYC, the website is a good place to shop too.

Following marginally behind Topshop is asos. It also has a Euro feel, but it seems sugary sweet without tasting saccharine. A combination of Euro and retro--the ultimate combo

Also good websites are the Outnet--an online website that features the hottest designers (Marc Jacobs, Rebecca Taylor, D&G, Prada, Oscar de la Renta, Miu Miu, etc.) at more than 70% off. Pretty good deals if I do say so myself. But don't deliberate for long; they get sold fast. Pixie Market features beneath the radar, not quite as popular/new designers that will skyrocket to stardom within a span of 2-5 years, but they are oh-so-cool. Shopbop also has a large collection of designer goods (albeit not as lowly-priced) but a larger database. Anthropologie is an older version of Modcloth (a bit pricier as well) but it has nice, nice things.

Yes, I like clothing, but no, I do not have an addiction. There is nothing wrong with knowing what I like, what works for my body shape, and having standards. Just because I don't shop at malls doesn't mean I don't have taste. (In fact, in my opinion, it's the opposite.) Having an idea in mind of what I want makes it easier when I go shopping to purchase similar things, but in all honestly, I may axe it out altogether and might just purchase it online. Hey, there's a first for (some) things.

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