Thrice the Charm

What I truly abhor is the fact that celebrities feel compelled to purchase lavish and overly-expensive items simply because they can. Now, I am an adovate for prosperity; however, that does not include over-indulence. After all, just because you can buy a $14,500 Hermes (or Victoria Beckham) clutch, does that mean you will? Oftentimes, I feel as though celebrities only buy these outrageous assets because a) they can and b) no one else will drop 14 grand on a bag by a former Spice Girl. Notwithstanding, I admire those aforementioned celebrities who "recycle" their ludicrous purchases--that it, they wear it and use it more than once (or twice). They actually wear it out like a normal person, getting the money out of that bag or purse, or boots or shirts or tops or dresses. More than that, they completely accessorize their outfit based on that one lavish thing. I mean, just because half of America knows your first and last name doesn't give the nonverbal right to purchase a superbly-outrageous piece of clothing based on that justification alone. You can splurge; but there is a difference between splurging and lasciviousness. So, without further ado, with my excessive juxtaposition, I've collected several photos of celebrities (which is starting to become overrated, no offence to those who constantly radar Hollywood; don't worry, I used to do the same.) who wisely and fashionably use their single and expensive piece of...something thricefold.
Emma Stone has that one bag that I want: a red Rebecca Minkoff cross-shoulder bag. I want it, I want it, I want it! But alas, I can still admire it from (far, far) afar. I like the way she has different looks based on one single thing. My favourite look of all three? Perhaps the one of the far right--she looks most classy and I prefer her to be a redhead over a blonde.

May I just say that no matter what you wear, black heels are always stylish. Which is why I absolutely adore Hailee's outfits. In each one, she exudes class and style. Not exactly a splurge on a Paris shopping trip on Champs Elysees, but her black Aldo heels are nonetheless beautiful. I couldn't name my favourite outfit, because I like all of them. But those shoes, simple black heels, are a fashion staple every women should have, no matter the age.

I'm not the biggest fan of Katie Holmes, so I will be taciturn regarding her. I will mention only this: Her blush pink hobo bag is a nice touch to everyday style--a nice bag to go shopping with at the mall, at the grocery, or visiting a local music store (or shoppe). Sheek minimalism is haute couture.

Taylor Swift has that typical American sweetheart look, which is fine for some people. It was all about sparkles, and red, white, and blue. Y'know, patriotism. But...recently, Taylor has been distributing fashionable behaviour that has caught my eye. This Topshop (oh yes) navy blue coat is reminescent of sitting on a beach in Cape Cod with that special someone whilst enjoying a summer sunset...or fall sunset. It's such a nice twist on the classic navy blue pea coat; it's a refreshing change on the typical, blase style. My favourite? Either the one in the middle due to that pop of mauve or the one on the far right. It's a toughie. If it's any clue, I do radar Taylor's style because she is slowly becoming my go-to girl for inspiration with her wearable chic mode.

 I did tell you: I am watching Taylor Swift. In this, however, she is wearing a Ralph Lauren saddle bag, which, in my opinion, is something that I am going to get for Christmas, or my birthday, for graduation, for something! It is so cute, it is gorgeous, and it's refinery on the prepster look. I cannot even begin to amass the words to express how much I want this bag or how it would complete many of my outfits. My favourite? Again, a tough choice because the photo in the middle has her wearing two-toned oxfords and the one of the right has her wearing (perhaps the same one from before) a navy blue coat. A conumdrum indeed.
Lastly, Bryce Dallas Howard, the face of Kate Spade, is nicely appropraiting the brand she is endorsing. In this Kate Spade bag, it is official: a girl can never have too many bags. This one in particular is versatile in its handles (you can either carry it or drape it over your shoulders) and the colour leaves endless possibilites. If you have a dull, mundane outfit that is one the brink of obsolete, this bag will burst some life into it. Literally. The colour is bright enough not to avert your eyes. But you may want to warn pedestrains to wear socks, because you just might rock theirs off. (Some trite humor). My favourite outfit is without a doubt the one of the left: With the patterned dress, yellow jacket, dark red heels, this bag is like a walking Stop-and-look-at-me-and-my-fabulousness sign. And I will scout and search until I have that exact bag.

Yes, I have a bag addiction.

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