Basic Fundamentals: Part VI

We sing the songs in church, we raise our hands in response to the heavy atmosphere of the Holy Spirit, we repeat the lyrics unrecognizing the power that lies within the blood of Jesus. Allow me to introduce you to the reality of the blood of Jesus.

10. Particularly popular around the Easter season, there are many popular animated cartoons about Jesus, His death, and His resurrection. Yet many Christian people, specifically pastors, skim over the part where Jesus was at the whipping post, where His blood was lashed out in gallons, spilling over generously. In fact, of all the things that Jesus did for you and me, this perhaps the most thing criminally overlooked. The anthem of Pentecostals is: there is power, power, wondering-working power in the blood of the Lamb (Jesus). But very, very few actually know what the blood of Jesus accomplished. First, you need to realize that life is in the blood. If we suddenly stopped producing blood--the essential fluid that flows within all of our bodies--surely, we would die, would we not? Life is in the blood. Now, Jesus came to give us life. Not just eternal life in Heaven, and while that's certainly part of it and important ( and not to be overlooked), it has been given too much emphasis to that fact that Jesus came to redeem our sins. He didn't come just for that; He came to redeem us of everything. Exodus 12:13 clearly illuminates the truth regarding the crucial significance of the Blood:...when I [God] see the blood, I will pass over you. No destructive plague will touch you. This piece of Scripture is referring to the Israelites when it was time to prepare the journey to enter the Promise Land--the land that God has provided for His people. Although this is directly referring to the Angel of Death passing over the houses that has the blood of the lamb (notice to correlation between the blood of the lamb posted on the door posts and Jesus as the Lamb of God and how He poured out His blood), it should give you the assurance that when the Blood is applied on your life, for every situation, nothing can enter and you will not be harmed. As believers, we can boldly proclaim that we have a blood-bought right to be free of bondage, whether that bondage comes in the form of sickness, financial problems, relationship issues, confusion, or stress. Jesus’ shed blood purchased our deliverance from the works of the evil one. However, there is clear evidence that you can still be a Christian and still be messed up. That is not to say that that Christian may not love God; surely he does. Nonetheless, that doesn't excuse the fact that his life is still messed up. But it doesn't have to be. Jesus' blood purchased his freedom. John 8:36 says this: For whom the Son sets free is free indeed. So how is it possible that so many Christians do not have true and complete freedom in their lives? Simple: It is because that they do not abide in His Blood. If your resting place is not in the assurance and reality in the fact that Jesus invested His Blood in, literally, every single thing, then results do not follow. You rest in the uncertainty of whether Jesus is who He says He is, when you should be looking at the magnitude of your redemption. The Western culture has watered down the Gospel, dispelling all the relevant and applicable instructions. Instead of focusing on what the Blood accomplishes, churches dwell in mundane, boorish teaching on grace and mercy. Well, people, it's time to wake up from that spiritual slumber and give you the taste of the real Living Water--Jesus. When Jesus suffered those 39 whips, He invested His Blood in 39 main diseases, which from those diseases, every single disease is a form, or branched, from those 39 diseases. Cancer is a disease, but there are several forms of cancers; in this same light, Jesus' Blood covered over every single disease, illness, ailment, abnormality that is not of normal according to God's Word, corrupted thoughts, emotions, and feelings, relationships, financial instability, fear, doubt, timidness, double-mindness, worry, unbelief, depression, and confusion. Revelation 12:11: they [Christians, body of Christ] overcame him [the evil one, Satan] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony [by the words we use, our verbal authority]. When you say, "Through the power of Blood of the Christ Jesus, I am healed!" or "I am out of debt!", you say with absolute confidence. You say it because you know that you say it with power because there is power in what you are saying. The enemy wants you to keep you ignorant of the Blood because the evil one knows the power lying within the Blood and what happens when a believer applies in faith and confidence. The evil one knows the power in the Blood, which is why he wants to keep you ignorant of it, because if you apply it, he is defeated forever. The blood of Jesus means that the enemy is defeated forever. Forever. He can't torment, you, abuse you, confuse you, or attack you because by the power of the blood of Jesus, he is defeated eternally, never to come out the chains that bound him--the Blood! When you have a problem, a sickness, and failed relationship, or even confusing, wrong, or perverted thoughts, and you ask God why He didn't snap His fingers and make it all go away, God's reply is, "I sent you my Son". The sacrifice of Jesus is so powerful. Jesus did not suffer that inexplicable, indescribable, and unimaginable death just for our sins. No! That would only be scratching the tip of the iceberg. He accomplished so much more than that! Only a drip of the blood of Jesus could remove our sins; but His death was that gruesome and that painful because Jesus had every problem, every disease, everything that God put in hell (such as sickness, debt, confusion, worry, doubt, even, controversially speaking, homosexuality) so that we do not have to live or suffer with it. If we apply the sacrifice of Jesus only for our sins, then His death was in vain. So, you may ask, what did Jesus do while He "died"? He took everything that was on His shoulders during His death and put them in the pit of hell, never to return on God's people. So you see, the Blood of Jesus is the ultimate weapon and it is the weapon for our triumph over the evil one. The Word works and has authority because of the Blood; we speak the Word and it comes to pass because of the Blood; circumstances change when we abide in Jesus because of the Blood; and, most importantly, we access the same power that Jesus had on earth through His Blood. If you ask how this is possible, John 14:12 answers this query simply: I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. If you apply the Blood, live in the Blood, and plead the Blood, you shall see circumstances change, your body (referring to the physical aspect) restore to perfection, your financial state shall grow and increase, and your mind, soul, and spirit shall be like Jesus almost instantaneously. How? I am living in that truth.
Congratulations. You have made all of hell quiver. And Jesus is beaming because you are finally appropriating what He has been sent to do. To understand what the Blood accomplished means that the evil cannot employ more schemes to, eventually, bring you down and not believe what the Bible say. Jesus died for everything and His Blood invested in everything so that all you have to do is appropriate the Blood in faith and it comes to pass. Jesus died for that. 

Here is an except from a teaching by Creflo Dollar on the Blood:

Many of us know about the blood of Jesus on a religious, traditional basis only. However, we must have an understanding of, and faith in, the power of the blood in order to appropriate it in our daily lives. Then, when we release our faith in the blood through confession, we will have what we say. We can use our faith in the blood of Jesus to attack every negative situation in life.

Six ways the blood of Jesus releases power in our lives:

1. The blood of Jesus has the power to free us from every stronghold of the enemy.
2. The blood of Jesus has the power to protect us from the onslaughts of Satan.

3. The blood of Jesus has the power to give us absolute victory in every storm in life.

4. The blood of Jesus has the power to give us complete breakthrough in prayer.
  a. Christians who want to be successful must live a life of prayer.
  b. Commit to a specific prayer time each day, and be consistent.
  c. Pray throughout the day also.
  d. Acknowledge Him in the simple things in life. Let Him direct you in all that you do.
  e. When the feeling of heaviness prevents you from praying, plead the Blood of Jesus.

5. The blood of Jesus has the power to release, all the benefits of our redemption through Jesus, for us to enjoy:

  a. The Blood has redeemed us from all sin, but we must receive our redemption by faith.
  b. The Blood of Jesus does not give us an excuse to practice sin. Sinners practice sin, not Believers.
  c. We have been redeemed from spiritual blindness, sickness, disease, and poverty.
  d. He who was rich (in righteousness) became poor so that we who were poor could become rich (in righteousness) (2 Corinthians 8:9).

6. The blood of Jesus has the power to make us winners on the face of the Earth.

I sincerely hope that you realize the sacrifice of Jesus and His blood is not just some nice song we sing in church or an account we reiterate at Easter, stirring emotions. The Blood is powerful. If you apply it and expect your words bring power to whatever it is you just said, He will not let you down. God always works on behalf of His Word. Why? Because of the Blood.

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