Top 5: March 18th

I've not chosen a particular theme for this Top 5 simply because I didn't want to categorize it in a theme and well, truth be told, I am too lazy to create a themed-post. I've spent the majority of my time today in the sun (which, strangely, tires a person out) and I didn't receive too much sleep last night. Anyhow, I still revitalize when it concerns fashion, because as Coco Chanel once said, Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. It's in the way we dress and clothe ourselves. So, putting aside all personal anecdotes of my life, I've been compelled to express my favourite 5 outfits this week.


There is something majestic to Emma Robert's outfit. Her oriental-esque blouse with creme-coloured wide leg trousers is so, so classy that it is simplistic without trying too hard. It's effortless cool. Her clutch is the perfect accessory. 


Jennifer Lawrence has been beginning to gain the reputation of the Minimalist Queen, and this outfit certainly fits that bill. Also, I'm beginning to think that her favourite colour is red since both this dress and her Oscar were both crimson red...This dress is somewhat avant-garde with its puffy shoulders and it does not exactly exude softness, but the colour attracts heads and makes you stop and glance. Also, the belt around the waist cinches (ooh, another pun!) in the classic style. And her black heels. Mhmm...this seems similar to what I've worn when I was feeling Audrey-y that day. I seriously love this outfit. Her clutch adds the right pop of colour and it adds a fresh twist to the classic red dress (CRD). 


I have a confession and I've not exactly proud of this: I like Lauren Conrad's style. There; I've said it. Being on an MTV reality shows makes me abhor young women who are TV and dress a certain way and claim they have "style". But long gone her Hills days, Lauren has evolved into a fashion chameleon.  I particularly like this ensemble because it's somewhat nautical, which I classify as part of my eclectic style. I like her striped tee, her dark washed jeggings, her cappucino-toned Coach tote, and her (I'm assuming, since seeing many designs from this...designer) Micheal Kors sandals. And her Aviators add that cool girl vibe. Tres chic. 


Although this is caught at an airport, I adore this outfit. Plain and simple. It reminds me more of what ladies where on Friday nights in Zurich rather than at the LAX. Let me dissect this for you. Her simple gray v-neck and dark wash jeans get upped with a velvet blazer, polka-dot (or animal print, I'm not exactly sure...) scarf, large sunglasses, and black heels. Le piece de resistance? Her custard bag. Her bag is so simple; in fact, it's so simple that it could be boring! However, in its simplicity, it adds a sophistication that eludes rank and class. If there was a picture that could sum up my everyday style and look, this photo would come the closest. Very, very chic.

Selena Gomez has certainly evolved upon since first arriving on the scene in Hollywood. I'm not always a fan of her personal style because it's too...sweet. As if she's all candy and no realness. After seeing this outfit, all my preceding opinions changed. She pairs a patterned top with a navy tweed jacket. With dark jeans and black heels, this is a look purposed to succeed. She emulates Chanel's everyday motto: A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. Selena Gomez clearly is. 

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