Summertime is Here!

Summer has finally arrived! Although the summer equinox does not officially commence until the 22nd of June, I feel as though summer has already made its warm welcome in Barrie. Thus begins my summer to-do list. Every summer, to avoid soporific and ennui, I compile a list of things to accomplish in the summer, first, to achieve order (it's fun waking up past ten in the summer, but hey, after a while, I want to do more than sleep in), and second, to make things interesting. After all, summer is about fun times and what's fun without a little excitement...?

1. Finish my novel. I am writing a novel (600+ pages) and I started it in the spring of 2009 but I sadly lost the file when I got a new computer and I had to transfer the documents and files. Thank God (literally) that I printed a hard copy of the novel, otherwise I would have been a packet of nerves loosing it constantly.

2. Throw a party. It doesn't have to my birthday party or even my graduation party; just a party. Sunny day? Opportunity to throw a party? Independence Day? Sure, might as well celebrate my forthcoming residence. Something interesting happening in France? Blow some balloons. People celebrating something Down Under? Might as well bake a cake. Spontaneity is key.

3. Get a tattoo. Albeit it be a fake one, probably the free ones you get when you purchase a tween magazine (or the one you kept from five years ago). I just want to get a tattoo. I am eighteen years old and I have never gotten a fake, cheap, and water-removable tattoo and I think I should before I go to university.

4. Have a midnight swim. Okay, now that is fun. Cast some illumination around the deck (because believe me, colliding into brick walls is not pleasant) and just party in your pool, your neighbour's pool, or some random pond. That will be a story to tell.

5. Throw a massive sleepover extravaganza. Load with chick flicks, junk foods, Wii games, disposable cameras, and just party!

6. Get an old school Polaroid. I am on the hunt for a classic Polaroid that you take a picture, hear the clicking sound, and out comes the picture. 1, 2, 3; it's that easy. (If you know where I can find one along with the appropriate film, your help would be greatly appreciated.)

7. Have a beach blitz. Again, I have the party bug. However, couple it with water, beach, and sand, and you've got yourself endless anecdotes of memories of summer 2011.

8. Go vintage shopping. Strange how I, a vintage connoisseur and avid enthusiast, have never actually gone vintage shopping. Modcloth is nice and all, but the treasure in finding an authentic dress from 1954, shoes from 1943, a hat from 1975, or a Stryper t-shirt circa 1985. That is something I must do. Although Toronto is no New York City, it certainly does have its plethora of shopping endeavours.

9. Have an epic photo shoot. Not just in the nearby park but in a place where natural sunshine create the perfect lighting and the scenery provides the perfect vista.

10. Have a road trip. Start from Maine or Massachusetts and travel along south until I reach Georgia. That would be wonderful.

11. Time travel. Read all day long. There is something peaceful about nestling under a tree trunk, balmy weather with a light breeze and delving into my favourite novel. I shall commit one entire day to do nothing else except read...

12. Have a bake-off. Cooking, food, , friend, fun times, amicable competition + the possibility of food fights = perfection.

What is on your summer to-do list?



I spend way too much time on tumblr and looking at gif's. That is pretty much self-explanatory. And yes, the majority of them are from Gilmore girls (that just goes to show you that I have much time at my disposal).


Resort 2012 Collection

I must say, I'm quite impressed with the Spring/Summer 2012 collection. I don't usually gauge runway shows or desire to go to the incredibly hectic environment akin in New York or Milan during February, but for the upcoming collections from the helm of the fashion world, I was impressed. Because fashion is so fickle--here today, gone tomorrow, comes back in a little while, then leaves again, entering in a vicious yet repetitive cycle--I like to look at certain brands only once in a while so that I am aware of the newest fashion trends, then contemplate if it's worth mixing it in my closet (I'll give you a hint--I usually don't, but Fall 2010 was the best fashion season in my opinion). This time around, I just may consider buying a plane ticket to Paris sometime in April. Here are the ones that stood out to my amongst the rest: