Globe-trekking Itinerary

I love to travel. I suppose it's nothing particularly surprising, considering that I'm gone for nearly 6 months of the years. I have been in 3 continents and plan to visit the remaining. Strange as it sounds, I actually even enjoy the plane ride en route for my destination. Flights are synonymous for jet lag, lack of slumber, fatigue, baggy eyes, back breath, horrible hair, and crankiness, but, oddly, the flight adds part of the excitement. It means you're actually going there...wherever that may be. I have the globe-trekking blood in me; I have always found voyages exciting. I am elated whenever I hear we're going to Switzerland (again) or staying in St. Marten for a month or driving down to Florida to live there for 2 months. Ahh, yes, there is something to travelling that captures the valiant traveler. When I see a new scenery, gaze at the astounding panorama, or admire the unfamiliar atmosphere, I receive inspiration and accustom myself to the culture, something I find invigorating. While I have footprints in impressive countries (Switzerland, Venezuela, France, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Germany, and the Caribbean), there are several more places I want to visit, immerse myself in the culture, and delve in the topography before I go to my permanent home with Jesus. God created such a wonderful and beautiful earth that it's shameful not to visit His accomplishments (I would use the words masterpiece but He considers us His masterpiece). Accurate, Third Day's lyrics rings true: Footprints of the mighty God. Such places are absolutely correct. Here is my travelling itinerary in no particular order yet filled with equal aspirations.


I want to go Down Under--I want to visit and live Australia. I want to see the toilet go counter-clockwise; I want to swim in the Great Barrier Reef; I want to tan, swim, and learn to surf for the first time on the Gold Coast; I want to chat with hot Aussies; I want to go to Hillsong Church; I want to pet a kangaroo. I just want to go to Australia period. It's just one of those places I want to go for an inexplainable reason because the reasons would not suffice my desire to go there. It's a cool place, with cool people, with cool things to visit. Simple as that. And I will go there soon. Mark my word.


Thailand is known for its exquisite beaches and that is the reason alone I why I want to go there. I am a beach bum and seeing the turquoise waters mere feet away from me would arouse my growing passion for sun, water, and sand. I swear, I'm going to be here for a honeymoon or wedding ceremony in a few years because the beaches is not only relaxing and soporific, it's almost timelessly romantic. The ultimate paradise for beach bums, such as myself.


I am going to go on a continent-wide exploration across Europe. I am not even joking. I'm going to visit Britain, see London, Oxford, and the Buckingham Palace; visit Paris, Cote d'Azure, St. Tropez, Nice; go to Belgium and have authentic Belgium chocolate; take a ferry and visit all of Scandinavia, seeing Copenhagen, Oslo, Reykjavik, Helsinski, Stockholm, and Køpenhavn; visit all of Greece and all of its isles, including Corinth, Santorini, Athens, and Crete; visit Cyprus and relax as the lethargic beach bum; go all the way to Italy and fill my body with pasta, pizza, and garlic bread, see Rome, Naples, Sicily, Isle de Capri, Milano, see Mt. Vesuvius and Herculaneum, and learn how to toss pizza dough like classic Italian chefs, and see the the Tower of Pisa; see all of Spain, including Madrid and Barcelona, and see a bit of Morocco; and make my final stop in Portugal.


This sounds lackadaisical, since I adore the sun and abhor the snow (which is weird since Barrie is snow central), but I do want to see Antarctica. I want to see penguins and see the uninhabited continent of Antarctica and what white and serene looks like without mobs of crowds everywhere with overlapping voices. In this tranquil quiet, you can hear the voice of God.


This sounds cliche but I want to see the Pyramids of Giza. Actually, I want to see all of the Seven Wonders of the world. But I particularly want to visit Egypt; well, until the feud and protest began and then realized that it was not safe and could possibly jeopardize my health and life if I went there now. I'm not saying that I will never go but there is a reason for everything under the sun (booya, Ecclesiastics) so when God says it's okay for me to go there (regarding to security and safety) I'll go. Until then, I'll merely admire it from afar, planning ahead.


One word: New Zealand. (Yes, I realize that is two words but if you say it really fast, it will sound like one.) I just want to visit New Zealand. I'm not exactly sure why, but then again, to whom am I entitled to give an explanation for why I want to visit this tantalizing country? I just want to go there. Now.


I've wanted to visit South Africa way before 2010 Fifa World Cup was held there. I want to visit Cape Town and from then on, take a voyage across Africa, laying down some roots to build a Christian orphanage for children who have lost parents from AIDS, build wells in cities where they have no access to clean water, and start a revolution where a continent is ruled by voodoo, sorcery, and witchcraft. And how you may ask will I fund this? With my own money, because after all, it's not about me; it's about Him. If you haven't gotten it by now, acquiring money is not just for "selfish" reasons based on "pride" and while we may have things richly to enjoy, it's to distribute our wealth to others so they may see the light and love of Jesus. Without money, many missionaries would fail to continue their work. With money coming directly from God, the Source, I am able to do His work without relying on man...I apologize. I deterred completely off topic and I am sorry. Yes, so, I want to visit South Africa and have a lush and rich experience.


As aforementioned, I am a beach bum and I will likely be found on a beach or somewhere warm with sand. One of the first places I will want to go to is French Polynesia. With its lush landscape, soft sandy beaches and transparent waters, it is an oasis. Three points that I will definitely visit are Bora Bora (first picture), Tahiti (second picture), and Fiji (the cool underwater hotel room picture that I wanted to cool just I thought that was just so cool! Seriously? An underwater room? Whoa.). I think it's safe to say that half of my travels includes beaches and sun.


I don't care y'all say: I want to go to Hawaii. I want to go there to simply get a towel, blob on sunscreen, and lounge in the sun. Man, Americans are so fortunate--you have paradise within your country. Not really within the country itself, but you don't need a passport to fly to paradise. That's awesome. I recognize that I using mostly jargon in this post, but unfortunately, I don't have my vocabulary reference book with me (and because I received less than required sleep last night so I am not scholastically sharp today). I may even get a dual American-Canadian citizenship just so I can travel to Hawaii minus the passport. I'll live in Florida and travel to Hawaii...good plan.


My list would not be complete with a visit to the Holy Land. I'm not adding this simply because it is when Jesus walked, roamed, touched, and dined, but also because the vista is spectacular. This photo, in Tel Aviv, displays the Mediterranean mystique that captivates people such as myself. I will also go to Jerusalem to see the places where Jesus walked and breathed on this earth, giving me the epiphany that Jesus had good taste in food. And that He was a real person. But mostly for pleasurable reasons.

I will go to these places one day. I like to think big; God is not limited and since this is His creation, I will be equipped to see it. Hey, who knows? You might even join me! Unless you prefer snow over sand, then, I'm sorry you can't come because I'll mostly be doing nothing on those beachy destinations anyway other than sleep, tan, and swim.


  1. See the power of positive thinking within you. God bless you.

  2. great list :)

    if you're in Europe in May, add Netherland tulip festival to your list :)

  3. I'm not in Europe in May, my dad is. Poop. He gets to visit cool places. But anyway, if I do, I will make sure to add it to my list.