Rain, Rain, Go Away...

But when the rain refuses to submit to your demands and, rather than reciprocate the query, continues to torrentially downpour, it puts a dismal influence on your mood. With the furious pitter-patter weighing down on your skin like pebbles, it's hard to go outside and have those feel-good moments. Personally, I enjoy the rain. When it's soft and peaceful, the rain is romantic; when the rain seems similar to hurricane season, it seems as though it gives rise to a plethora of emotions, all of which indicate stifling and rousing behavior. So, what do you do when you want to scream and the rain for falling? Rather than being admitting in an asylum for your ludicrous behavior based on last-second judgement, first, go to the grocery store and stock up on junk food--chips, popcorn, chocolate, ice cream, the works. Then, rent a boat load of movies and just watch all of them with your best friends, enjoying the company rather than ruining it just on account of simple weather. Here are my recommendations:


Megamind is an excellent remedy for the rainy blues. With Will Farell lending his voice for the title character, it is a wonderful alternate to feeling sulky.


Ah, a true screen gem. A Place in the Sun is an iconic film that tells the story of a young man enchanted by a young women. However, unbeknownst to her (Elizabeth Taylor), he is with a pregnant woman with whom he is living with (such scandal in the 50s!). But since he (Montgomery Clift) is so in love with Taylor, he pursues to inadvertently kill his pregnant girlfriend. A sexy thriller/suspense movie...half of which is added to Montgomery Clift's sexiness. Why can't men dress or look like that anymore? Does everything have to be a bygone era? Sigh.


This is possibly one of the cutest movie in the 21st century. I am impartial to these sweet and tender and love stories, but Flipped is in a league all on its own. Furthermore, the soundtrack will make you want to shake and dance, something exciting to do when the outside scenery seems to damper your mood.


Steve Carrell is a genius. Get Smart will induce violent laughing that may or may not lead you to the bathroom. But you will cry from laughter, that is guaranteed. A wonderful giggle-fest.


Again, a sweet love story that takes you the sweeping landscape of Ireland. I realize that it's cliche to have a movie that involves the on-screen characters to attract animosity towards one another then grow to have tenderness to ultimately love each other, but seriously, that theme never gets old. This is a wonderful film to watch while pigging out with your girlfriends, grovelling on the fact that you want a boyfriend like Declan, thus leading the discussion elsewhere. At least, that's how it was with me...


Oh, the I adore the 80s...Pretty in Pink tells the story of a popular guy in love with the girl from the wrong side of town who endure peer pressure for being together. It's nice to know that things haven't changed since 1986. Beautiful, just beautiful.


Pride and Prejudice may perhaps be the most sweeping love story told. I am not even kidding. Keira Knightley is brilliant as the vain and judgemental Elizabeth while Matthew Macfayden is remarkable as the handsome and subtly sexy Mr. Darcy. It's a story that never gets old. 


Pants, 4 best friends, heartache, love...what else do you need? Pass the popcorn.

I just realized that all these movies include at least one rainy scene. Mhmm...could that foreshadow something...?

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