Top 5: Oscars

I like watching the Academy Awards. I view the Oscars at the glammed out, Hollywood version of prom. It's like ultra-chic Hollywood prom, complete with elaborate and flamboyant dresses that costs more than a car or house. The jewelry can induce heart attacks when one learns the value of an emerald Chopard necklace or a Tiffany's wreath. The makeup and hairdos inspire prom looks for simple teenagers such as myself. But most of all, I like to watch and gauge the designs of what celebrities wear and begin to emulate their looks in simple works. What I particularly like about the 83rd annual Academy Awards is that the majority of the dresses were simple, timeless, and...gosh, wearable. Well, except for Cate Blanchett's horrible Givenchy dress that looks half futuristic warrior princess, half geometric avand-garde, and strangely unproportionate. From the hemline down, it was the soft lavender hem with the pearls that adds a femininity to a severe-looking dress. And thus, my top 5 looks of the 2011 Oscars.

Mandy Moore's dress is very pretty. It exudes a forgotten poise that seems to be part of a bygone era. Aside from the obvious soft shade of peach, the dress itself is very simple and chic. It has crystals and the overall shape is munificent. Simply lovely. I would actually wear this to prom. And her minimalist earrings keeps it classy and cool.

Okay, putting aside that it's Chanel, the dress itself is extraordinary. It has a timeless silhouette and appears as something Princess Grace of Monaco would wear. The colour is universally flattering--a colour anyone can wear and pull off wonderfully. And the hemline is nice; not something that leaves nothing to the imagination. Michelle Williams captures the Audrey Hepburn red carpet elegance. 


A little flamboyant for my taste (it seems a little "loud" for my usual taste) but the colour looks divine on Halle Berry's dark golden skin. However, style suits her and attracts attention without swallowing her. And strapless dresses always accentuates shoulders and arms; a nice dress should always compliment and highlight a feature--no more, no less--to illuminate an aura around that captivates the crowd around you.

This is absolutely ravishing. I cannot even begin to explain how much I adore this dress. Everything about this dress screams me: the hemline, the design, the colour, the opaque sparkling screen lying on her neckline (very becoming and age-appropriate for the 14-year-old Supporting Actress nominee), the shoes, and her makeup. Like, like, like! If there was a dress out there that realistically captures what I would wear to prom, this would be it. It reminds me of what Audrey Hepburn wore at the 1954 Oscars. 

A surprising and refreshing image change for Miss. Witherspoon. The very 1960s take is ultra-flattering. The big ponytail, the monochromatic dress, her expressive winged eyeliner, and her earrings brings the revival of the '60s to America, which, quite frankly, is a nice change to see instead of the majority of teenage girls dressing the same with the same skanky tops. There is just something about retro style that is chic, and this, is just pretty. Very Brigitte Bardot. I would wear that to a black and white gala, with that same hairdo and the same eye makeup. If only there was a like button to show how much I like it.


Of all the dresses and outfits the comedic co-host of the Oscars wore, this is perhaps my favourite. This dashing Oscar de la Renta dress is so fun, and the jewelled neckline is a surprising pop of bedazzlement. Plus, the little dangling strings makes we want to shake, rattle, and roll, just like she did. It was a real-life Princess Mia moment.

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