Captured Memories

With respect with the year ending, I've collected my favorite memories, beginning all the way from August to April. It is still unfathomable to think that I am finished with my freshman year of college and that chapter of my life is finished and others are beginning. Quite frankly, it's a precursor to the amazing things that is going to happen in the future, the people I'll met, the man I'll eventually marry. Life certainly is an adventure...

But at the same time, it's still so hard to imagine that 9 months ago, I was a doe-eyed college freshman, naive, and so hyper to start this chapter of my life. Along the way, I've met some amazing friends that will remain in my life far past graduation, memories that will form part of who I am, and so many inside jokes that forever changes the way I look at an otherwise simple and meaningless thing. From orientation week, the Regent regatta, Christmas Ball, Iron Chef: Regent style, Spring Break, Catch the Fire, and the simple memories I will treasure always.

Voyager est ma drogue

I have just received an amazing opportunity abroad! All this time, all those hours perusing travel websites during a boring philosophy lecture have finally brought some good use because I am spending all of July in Europe! This is coming at the perfect time because I was planning to revamp my closet and wardrobe with more Euro-appropraite garments that better exemplify my personal style. One of the things college does to a person is change her style. Since being in college, my style has changed that I look at some of the things in my closet and I wonder, "What was I thinking buying this...?" I was planning to scour Zara and Joe Fresh with a plethora of European inspired clothing and now, it appears it's much more than a necessity.

Before going into a store and forgetting for what I came there for, a list is required. And the majority of items on my list are clean-cut, tailored items such as dark denim jeans, ballet flats, striped shirts, tapered trousers, leather satchel, and whatever else can be seen roaming the streets of Paris or Zurich. While I think that my style has a very fall/spring feel, I'm going in the middle of summer, when it's the most hottest, so I am going to have to find a way to improvise and implement that style into summer wear. A winnable feat.

My goodness, I am teeming with excitement. Taking a day trip to Italy or Switzerland, lying in the Black Sea, visiting Budapest...the possibilities are endless. It is going to be an exciting summer, filled with amazing voyages. I am really going to soak in the European culture; I'm going to eating, drinking it, and living it. It's never going to be a dull moment.


Home is Where the Heart Is

I am done with my freshman year of college. Well, technically not until Monday. Regardless, it's still very sad that I'm leaving for 3 months the people that have irrevocably changed my life these past 9 months. Perhaps one of the best things about going back home, with getting money, sleeping, and seeing my family and old friends, is that I am able to conjure ideas for next year in terms of style, both fashion and apartment wise. This year I felt like I wasn't able to totally express myself aesthetically and it's partly due to the fact that I didn't have time since I was still adjusting and whatnot. I wanted to get a handle on things before I start lashing out the stripes and aesthetics. In honor of that, I am already beginning to ponder up dorm ideas. Since I have a larger apartment next year, I'll be able to not only have a larger closet space (as if that makes any difference), but I'll have a larger kitchen and living area. I want to create a living area that represents my taste and style. Only problem is my roommate may not exactly want what I want. (Setback? Perhaps only slightly.) In any case, I've taken a few photos from my pinterest and put them on here to express how serious I am about this vamping up my living space for the next 9 3 months.

I really like the clean, minimalistic sense with a mixture of European vogue with a flash of my amour for the vintage. I really want to spruce up the place so that when people come in, they'll actually admire the decor. These photos serve as a great inspiration.


Tangerine Prep

The following week is going to have the temperature well in the 80s. At the same time, I know that it's only going to be warm for only a couple of day and then it's going to be moderately warm, around high 60s. A more serious problem on my hands: last week of classes is this week. And then it's finals. I'm not particularly worried about it. What I am apprehensive about is the move. I need to put my things in storage and drive 715 miles. My goodness. The end of a school year is always the most nerve-wrecking.

I still like to look good, even just the most stressful week during college. The white blouse is very versatile, so I can wear it with anything, and I am able to juxtapose to anything from preppy (with the help from the tangerine Ralph Lauren sweater), collegiate (with the blue leather loafers), vintage (the blue and white polka dot skirt), to European (with the khaki saddle bag). The Ray-Bans, knotted belt, pearl necklace, and headband add the right touch to whatever look you're going for. Plus, the hardcover Gulliver's Travels is the perfect school girl touch. You're smart enough to know the classics but clever enough to the streets too.


Style Journal: Louis Tomlinson

I'm sure pretty much half the world knows who One Direction is. They are known for their vocal skills, their styles, and yes, their faces (and bodies, ahem). They just swept North America recently with their single "What Makes You Beautiful". But I'm proud to say that I knew who they are even before iTunes began counting down to their debut album in America. However, what I've noticed is that each member of 1D has a distinctive style and I'm partial to Louis Tomlinson's.

While I don't find utterly attractive (he's funny and goofy and that counts something for me), he does have a style that makes my heart skip my beat.

A key staple in his wardrobe is stripes. Oh, my gosh. I have, I think, 10 different shirts with stripes--thick stripes, black stripes, white stripes, sequined stripes. Yes, I have a plethora of all kinds of stripes, so the fact that he wears stripes as if they're going out of style is HOT. He also likes to wear solid colored pants (red, black, blue). He likes to blazers and bermuda shorts. He honestly embodies that European look, and the fact that he wears stripes...let me catch my breath. I know he's taken and I'm gaga over him, but I must say, his style is flaming.

His key pieces:

Striped Breton top

3/4 striped shirt

Toggle jacket (quintessential British jacket)

Navy blazer

Red pants (preferably bright red, not salmon pink)

Classic white Chucks

Simple white v-neck t-shirt


In exactly, one month, less than 30 days, I will be finishing my freshman year of college. Yowza. I cannot even being to describe what a year in university did to me. A normal person, a sane person, would quickly jump to leave, but not I. Instead, I'm dreading going back home. I don't have to leave school. Why would anyone not want to leave the place that brings the bane of my existence into play? Maybe I should clarify: I want the school work, the load, and the early morning classes, but I don't want to leave campus, the people that have now become my family, and the on-campus chapel service. It's so strange thinking back a year ago, itching to leave home, and explore the world. I also couldn't wait to make something of myself, not just be at home, working a lulling job and then come back, with the same people, same routine, and same scenery. I emphasized that. But, now that it's time to come back home for the summer, a time of reflection seems fit to ponder upon the events that begins to counter the makeup of my life.

You really do change in a year of university. For the good, for the bad, you do really change. I'm fortunate enough to attend a Christian university that strives to develops one's character while maturing her relationship in Christ. Your thinking changes, you grow more mature, and you see the world through a different set of eyes. You face challenges that you need to face by yourself, or at least, tackle them head on without running to Mommy or Daddy. In university, you need to prioritize and plan your own schedule and because of that, you are accountable with your own time. Nobody else manages your schedule, so you need to arrange it in such a way that you have time to sleep, eat, do homework, and chill. Cause chill time is imperative in college. No, really. Another thing that you need to keep in perspective that you need to eat, so you need to budget your money so that you'll have enough to eat, miscellaneous expenses, and other necessities. So really, college primes you to act, behave, and be a responsible and mature adult.

I may not have gotten a prom, but the Christmas Ball sure came close. The dress, the makeup, the friends, the gave me a glimpse of what it was like. While it didn't exactly live up to my expectations, it gives me the assurance that next year will be even better, hitting the ball out of the park in all areas. Plus, with my roommate attending next year, it's going to be awesome.

I'm really excited for what next year will bring. With plans to work during the summer and taking a class on-line, my summer will give me something to do, rather than just letting it go by quietly. And with more imminent changes during my sophomore year, I am so excited to see what God has for me next year!