Basic Fundamentals: Part V

The one really cool thing about God is His amazing, unending love. It it His love that compelled Him to send His Son for me, for you, because you were in a hole, a bottomless hole, a black abyss that no matter what you could have done, you could not have helped yourself purchase a ticket to eternal paradise. Without Jesus, without the Blood of Jesus that invested everything for you, we couldn't be well, whole, free, and be a child of the most High God. Isn't it wonderful to know that with Jesus, we have everything: freedom (from poverty, sickness and disease, brokenness, condemnation, guilt, emotional wounds, anger, selfishness, etc.); power; the ability to change lives with our actions and if we must, our words since it is our lifestyle and our actions that attracts others to our radiant love and light to Christ Jesus; and anointing.

9. Many people in their Christian walk fail to acknowledge that they have the anointing. Through the Blood, the blood of Jesus (that has given us blood-purchased authority), every Christian has the anointing. The anointing, according to Isaiah 10:27, is this: And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off his shoulder, and his yoke from off his neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing. The anointing is the ability to get results, claim victory, and to break yokes, iniquities, and burdens. Human understanding doesn't break bondages; wit can't see emotional wounds and scars; knowledge can't cast out devils or speak and command an illness to get out of your body. But the anointing can. And it does. Because of the anointing, which is the outpouring of the power of God flowing through you--a supernatural enablement--, you don't have to live with cancer, you don't have to suffer from strokes, you don't have to live below the poverty level, your children will never have to be sick, your husband shall never succumb to the false-powerful of prostate cancer, and you never have to be broken, wounded, and scarred anymore. (If you are a child of Christ), say this aloud: I AM ANOINTED AND I HAVE THE ANOINTING. The enemy does not want you to know this because it is a weapon the tramples and conquers over the powers of darkness. In fact, because of your verbal declaration, all of hell is trembling; thus the realization that you triumph over hell, not the evil one over you. Claim your anointing, accept your anointing, and live in the anointing. God have given you a supernatural enablement, a meet-help that exceeds the assistance the world could ever provide. The doctors don't know what's really best for you, and the people at the bank don't truly have your back or have your best interests at heart. Jesus does, and that is precisely why He has given you a supernatural ability to achieve results and victory. When you look around the world, all you see is sickness, brokenness, darkness, and poverty beyond belief. And when people look at you, and they see that you're not sick, you are prosperous in every arena of life, and you radiate a love that is not of normal, [selfish] human love; you radiate Jesus and it is because of the anointing  of Jesus Christ. When the world is sick, you have nothing more than the sniffles or a sneeze; you do not and you will not ever ever ever ever have cancer. When the world barely makes it through the current month, you have financial prosperity, changing lives with whomever you meet, marking an extraordinary difference in that life, and when you talk about Jesus, they listen and they take your words at heart because you have results and you exude the raw and powerful love of Christ even if you have millions; God's kingdom is not dependent of the world's economy and God isn't limited through the world. When you see broken people on the street, in the grocery, at the playground, you give a shout of praise to God that through the Blood, He has washed your emotional wounds and scars into nonexistence; you don't live broken or defined by your past. Because of the anointing and the power of Jesus Christ operating within you and for you, you can make such a difference, changing people's lives whenever you walk through the door, and you share the love of Jesus through your actions and your lifestyle. You make people stop and listen to you because obviously, what you're doing is working. The anointing allows you to live your life in the blessing of God. You will never be sick, you will never just be getting by, and you will never live broken again. Cancer cannot enter your body, the curse of poverty shall never inherit your home, and scars, wounds, and iniquities shall not reenter your heart. Jesus delivered you from everything on the Cross so it is in the pit of hell. That doesn't mean those things won't try but due to the power of the anointing, it cannot enter past a certain point. Say it out loud, say it with authority and make the enemy tremble at the sound of your voice (because he knows that when you speak, he is done and defeated), and make all of hell quiver at the the sound of your tenor: I AM ANOINTED AND I HAVE THE ANOINTING AND THERE IS NOTHING, NOTHING, THE ENEMY CAN THROW THAT SHALL EVER PREVAIL AGAINST ME. I AM A WINNER AND MORE THAN A CONQUEROR THROUGH CHRIST JESUS. I HAVE VICTORY AND I AM VICTORIOUS. PRAISE GOD FOR YOUR SON THAT HAVE GIVEN ME MY BLOOD-PURCHASED ANOINTING AND DOMINION OVER THE EVIL ONE. 
Praise God. Isn't that wonderful to know that, after God, you are the most powerful being in this universe? Apply your anointing in your life and rejoice that your trample over the enemy and there is literally nothing that can defeat you because you are empowered and you have the anointing in you. I want you to get one thing really clearly: at the Cross, because of the blood of Jesus, the evil one has been defeated forever. He can never ever recuperate or change anything about it. The Blood of Jesus bought you your supernatural enablement. Use it, so that Jesus' sacrifice is not in vain or useless. (We will discuss this in detail afterward, so you can really understand why it's so powerful and why the enemy is eternally defeated.)

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