Hey Y'all!

Hi y'all! If you've noticed, I haven't posted in a while. There are myriad of reasons, all include my time being consumed of classes, hanging out, studying, and dancing/surfing/movie watching. I haven't been able to commit much time to actually blog in terms of compiling my thoughts in an orderly fashion; however, I do have a tumblr (gasp!) so y'all are free to follow me. Just follow this link: Libelulas. College is so much different than high school but I often have to remind myself that just because I haven't attended public school in 3 years and because it is a relatively small school, it is not the same as high school. In other news, I have been obsessed with Coldplay. Oh, sweet mother of molasses, they are immaculate. I do plan on purchasing their new album and if you haven't heard their newest single "Paradise", you are seriously missing out.

Until next time!


College > High School

If you thought this post was going to be all the reasons why college is better than high school (it is), you are severely wrong. While I can elaborate greatly on why college is worth attending, pursuing higher education is a worthy pursuit, and why it's boss, I won't. Why? Because I want to focus on something hidden under the radar: music. (Dear readers, you should know by now that I am a self-professed music junkie.) I must say, the music scene in VA Beach is waaaaay different than that in Barrie. If y'all haven't heard of Pandora (an online radio that plays the music you like--also has an iPhone app), then you must check it out because it is the best invention since sliced bread. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself.

Here is a preview of songs I've discovered from Pandora:

1. Rhythm of Love--Plain White T's
2. Two Door Cinema Club
3. The xx
4. In Search Of--Miike Snow
5. Hanging On--Active Child
6. Pumped Up Kicks--Foster the People
7. Voy a Comerte a Besos--G6
8. Runaway--Mat Kearney
9. Punching in a Dream--The Naked and Famous
10. Vanished--Crystal Castles



Fall-ing in Love with Fall

Ahh...Fall. Don't you just love when summer turns to fall, the leaves begin to change colors, the temperature steadily drops, and a new season fills the air. I've acclimated my favorite September looks, some of which I might not be able to wear...but then again, I might! After all, this is Virginia, not Canada.

Spanish Infautation

I don't speak Spanish; nor do I have a hankering to understand it. Mind you, because I have Latin roots, I do understand some words--words translated to "hello", "good morning/afternoon/night", and "I love you"--but recently I have been obsessed with Spanish teen soap operas like Patito Feo and Casi Angeles. Although their dialogue is far too rapid for me to comprehend, I don't mind it. I am learning Spanish phrases from it and confirming my notion that Latinos are awesome. I can't watch full episodes but I am able to watch it through couples' history so needless to say, I have, crushes on certain Spanish fellows. Sigh. Watching those shows makes me want to travel to Argentina and speak Spanish and feel like one of those movie protagonists. Hasta la vex proxima.