Mad Style

Apart from my apparent dislike for the recent wave of shows that is sweeping the nation (pun intended), there are specific TV programmes that are worth gazing at and truly capture your attention. If the plot is flimsy and thin, there is something that you count on if the action is poor: fashion!! In the case of Gossip Girl (which is my go-to show for inspiration), I have a close second, which if most of you know me, is not a complete surprise. In fact, it's like a perfect match. Mad Men is my recent television series simply because of the outfits. Ah, the form-fitting, red-wearing, bumpits-teased honeycomb hairstyles return with a vengeance. The men wear sexy tuxedos (something every man should have a necessary male fashion staple), and the women wear a-line skirts and dresses, flowy cardigans, cat-eye sunglasses, and kitten heels.  Ah, j'adore! The essence and backdrop to the show is timeless. I've searched for countless photos to assist in my emulating the pinnacle of '60s vogue.

Also, to express how much I ardently admire the on-set costumes, I've added some show stills.
I seriously want the entire wardrobe. Not even joking. Now, this, this, is modest clothing that is chic, stylish, and trendy. Simply wonderful. If you ever got me anything like this, you would be my best friend for life 'cause you would know how much I adore vintage clothing.

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