Vogue Love

Days left: 19

Today is university shopping day and while it's no different than, say, apartment style shopping, it certainly does add an ounce of excitement to acknowledge that I will be living in Virginia for the next four years and I plan to Raluca the room up.

Teen Vogue is my favorite teen magazine because it conglomerates blog-esque writing--with the aptly named Fashion, Music, Style, and Culture blogger--as well as implementing fashion shoots that would prompt the average reader to wonder whether people truly dress like that in real life. I wish I had read TV earlier and in my latest nostalgic wave, these are my 10 favorite covers in no particular order...

1. September 2007

 2. April 2009

3. August 2009

4. February 2011

5. March 2005

6. March 2010

7. September 2004
 8. September 2008

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