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A month left until college! Also synonymous for (finally) going university shopping for pots, pans, laundry detergent, mini vacuum, toaster, griller, and everything else. To be perfectly honest, I don't really mind since it does add to the excitement 'cause I am counting down the days until I finally leave the barren place called B-Town.

Nowadays, movies don't just serve for my own personal viewing pleasure. Oh, no. Actually, it serves to, unbeknownst, label the lead protagonists as fashion icons, amiable actors who "play up the act", and distinguish if that said actor has a stereotype. I find this terribly annoying because that gives the media something to buzz about even if the movie is less than subpar, but this adds more than monumental pressure of the actors because they not only have to set the foundation as an actor but also as a stylish mogul. Recently, there has not been a wave of stylish movies, but allow me to refresh your memory with the original stylish actors who set the standards for today's Hollywood.


Keira Knightley is flawless. There are no more adjectives required to amass her brilliance. However, in Atonement, she is amazing. With a penchant for captivating the character's vulnerability, the 1920-30s style is sure to become to gem.


This film set the harsh reality that we are judged based on our clothing. While that representation may be false or true, people often see a person's character based on what garments he or she wears. It's akin to a mirror reflection and while we like to disregard that factuality, it's real and The Breakfast Club brought it in the light and my goodness, what a movie it was. Never mind the influence upon the '80s, I don't think John Hughes imagined it would continue today's society in a ripple effect-like fashion.


I like it's somewhat of a foreshadow how Grace Kelly spent time in Monaco and then later become princess of that country. In To Catch a Thief, she is radiant. She captures that cool, calm, collected, and stylish persona that ever girl wishes she had and the rad thing about Mrs. Princess of Monaco is that she did all by being herself--then became to be emulated by everyone everywhere. The highest honor of flattery? Hermes naming one of his designs after you.


Whenever the words "stylish" and "chic" comes up, almost invariably, the name of Audrey Hepburn comes up and for a good reason too. She is the actress who became a fashion icon through the selection of clothing she wore in all her films. Interestingly enough though, whenever someone watches one of her movies, they don't see Holly Golightly or Princess Ann, they see Audrey. That being said, there are certain pieces of clothing that become synonymous for her character (like little black dress = Breakfast at Tiffany's or maroon suit = Sabrina). Aubrey Hepburn is the pinnacle, the zenith of Hollywood fashion stardom and while everyone tries to captures what she had, there will always be one Audrey Hepburn because originality cannot be duplicated.


A movie biopic about the women who changed the face of fashion for women? There are hardly any words that will truly capture the rare essence that Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel brought to this world, women, and fashion. She is still (in my opinion) the highest and most respectable women's fashion designer to date because she dared to challenge society's norm and did something completely controversial: design and wear pants. Chanel, I applaud you. Just think, had it not been for Coco Chanel, what would you and I be wearing today? Scary thought, isn't it? One thing I can assure you: we probably wouldn't be wearing what we are wearing today that's for sure.


A Place in the Sun, starring alongside Montgomery Clift, set Elizabeth Taylor to more mature films. (Did you know that she was only seventeen when she starred in this movie?) It was also here that she dazzled audiences with her simple and demure couture. The laid back, vacation style was beginning to make its way out of the shadows with a slew of films following this blockbuster that gave rise to numerous trends that makes its sabbatical every now and then but remain timeless.


The Notebook, for a lack of a better word, is perfect. It is one of those movies I can watch over and over and over again without ever getting bored. It is a classic movie and softens the hearts of all those who watch it. It also made boys realize that watching romantic chick flicks wasn't just for sissies. Allie Hamilton's clothing also made everyone stop and glance at the Southern belle's '40s elegance. Simply wonderful. This film made me aware of retro clothing and sparked my interest in retro couture and style. 


Alright, alright, so the prequel to Dirty Dancing wasn't quite that great and while it did have its charm (as well as a pre-Mad Men January Jones), I really enjoyed the fashion and seeing the '50s vacation style and scrambling to find ways how to emulate it in my own closet. Nonetheless, it's still an enjoyable film and better than most of the modern dance films since it's all about gyrating against your partner's lap; here, it's about conveying an emotion through a form of dance (ballroom, mambo, fox trot, etc.).


In Sunflower, Sophia Loren plays a late twenty, early thirty-something women and in this film, you really see how well she can play any age with the same savoir-faire. The style varies with the location and era, but this is just fabulous. It also makes me want to take up Italian so I can flirt with a handsome Italian. Plus, Sophia was not flat or skinny; she had curves and embraced them, marking her a style icon in her own right.


While I feel as though it will not necessarily gain a large amount of commercial success or gain the actresses more credentials in term of skill, Monte Carlo is a cute summer movie. Leighton Meester, who portrays Selena Gomez's character step-sister, gives a lot of panache. Although, I still see her as Blair Waldorf, this movie captured a softer side to Leighton. She still donned beautiful dresses, retro swimsuits, and girly sundresses, this movie, I consider, definitely has potential in terms of inspiring style.

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