Pre-emptive Shopping

Days left: 34

I sensed a bit of ambivalence when I began shoving my clothes into bags as I prepared packing for university. While I was a little sad as I saw myself leaving home, I am incredibly excited for shopping Virginia. Let's face it: while I am going to be study most of the time, the small minuscule time I have for down time will be spent shopping, laughing, hanging out, and seeing people.

I am a pre-emptive shopper. I bring lists with me so I can look for exactly I want without distracting fabrics claiming my attention. While I am excited for acquire the college look, here a few items on my list that I must have to obtain the superlative Best Dressed.

1. a French-y cardigan

2. Nautical pieces of clothing (such as a sweater, pullovers, or cardigans)

3. a small satchel

4. LBD

5. polka dot dresses reminiscent of the '50s

6. a Rebecca Taylor jacket

7. Cat-eye sunglasses (a la Jackie O)

8. pair(s) of Miu Miu shoes

(courtesy of Cupcakes and Cashmere)

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