Be a Mountain

Days left: 14

There are times when life is hard, when life proves to be tumultuous, to be too hard and too much to handle, when it lashes out cumbersome circumstances, and all you want is for the quandary to mitigate. You want to give up, to surrender, to succumb, and to lose. When life's storms come, be a mountain and don't move! When the wind blows, it will not affect you; when the rain pelters down forcefully, it will not weather you. You may be scratched, but you're not broken. You're down, but you're not out. You may have tripped, but you get back up. You may be tattered from the journey, but you continue moving forward. When something comes to try to get you to surrender, be like a mountain and stand your ground. Don't move just because the trouble tries to convince you that it's easier to back down or the sickness wants your demise. Don't move. Don't fluctuate; don't oscillate; don't vacillate; and don't buckle. Be a mountain. There is nothing that will ever inflict fear or cowardice because you have the Word of God, God Himself working and fighting on your behalf, and the Blood of Jesus Christ. When that problem looks itself in your eyes, you can look at it with a confident grin and let it try to sway you because you will not move. You have greater power than that who in the world because Christ Jesus has overcome the world [the trouble, the distress, and the circumstances in this world]. Don't move and stand your ground, fighting because you are getting stronger and the enemy sees you as a threat, causing him to sweat, wondering what it will take for you to fall. And when you become a mountain--refusing to move--the enemy will have nothing else to do but surrender because there will nothing that can affect you. Make the enemy tremble at the mere mention of your voice and make him wince when you speak. Be a mountain; don't move when the wind blows or the floor becomes quicksand. God is too loving to be unkind and let you fall and He does extend His hand for your sake but it's up to you whether you will reach up, plant your feet on the Solid Rock, and refuse to be moved. Let hell quiver when the evil one has thrown out all his schemes and have failed. BE A MOUNTAIN!

1. I Will Not Be Moved--Natalie Grant
2. Watch You Crawl--RED
3. Let It Roll--Group 1 Crew
4. To Hell With the Devil & You Know What to Do--Stryper

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