Grammatically Incorrect

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There is nothing like watching the fourth season of Gilmore girls, the episode where Rory moves into Yale that leaves you wondering what it would be like when I move into Regent? Oh, yes, thus marks my nostalgia week, filled with past memories and things that I should have done different and will do different in college. Good experience.

Okay, first off, may I just say that we're not in the third grade anymore when MSN was all the rage, we used colloquialisms (lol, jk, pos, idk, etc.) to eliminate unnecessary time used for typing, and frequent spelling errors is not cute anymore. For most of us, September marks the beginning of university/college and utilizing frequent grammar mistakes is not just not comical, but it also reflects a lack of scholastic ambition as well unprofessionalism. For example, they're/their/there is the most frequent as well as the most obvious. They're is used for pronouns (they are/they're going to the market), their is a possessive pronoun (that is their boat), and there is an object of the preposition (we are going over there). Mistaking it is just not cool. Why am I saying this? Well, it's infuriating hearing you speak incorrectly and second, it's not that you don't know how to speak; it's a matter of belligerence.

Second, speaking text is a nuisance. Writing lol via Facebook or text is understandable since most of us (myself including) will likely not type *i am laughing as we speak*. Lol is a frequent jargon. However, saying "lol" instead of actually laughing...out sad. Also, "jk" instead of "ha! just kidding!", "idk" instead of "I don't know"? What is the matter with this society? Did it become a dying breed to enunciate proper vowels, speak proper English, and say slang terms that use full syllables? This is more of a pet peeve than a grammar mistake (but it still counts!) because speaking shows what is in your heart and if all you say is, "ha! jk!", "lol", and "idk", you probably won't be conversing with that person for much longer either.

Third, and this perhaps the most annoying of them all, is saying "like" for everything. "I like, like, Dude, no freaking way and, like, the way she was, like, talking, was way, like, annoying." Sound familiar? People, have you ever heard of reading a freaking book? Using like as an adjective, adverb, preposition, and verb is Read books, take grammar courses, or stop hanging with people who utilize that type of vocabulary. Learn to speak properly. That may be fine in speech, as in dialogue (though if you're speaking with me, I probably won't tolerate it for much longer), but in writing, it shows a lack of vocabulary and that you have no words to fill that like. There are books for a reason. It's not just so I can fill my mind with vivid pictures and vicariously see myself in that character's position; it's to further one's vocabulary and writing. It's no wonder that people from various countries of the world can speak better English than you. While they may have a thick accent, their grammar is correct.

Forgive my rant and I apologize if I come across as abrasive or austere in this post, but this has been on my mind for quite some time as I have countless times heard people speak in this fashion and find it greatly annoying. It's not rocket science. Using ostentatious remarks and colorful words may not be necessary, having a proper grammar foundation is.

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