Days left: 35

There are some days when I am itching to experience college life, much-need liberty, and indulge in the beach city scene; these are one of those days. While I love Barrie (I have been living in this freaking town for half my life), there is nothing here for me. I just want to go to Virginia Beach now. That is all.

I wrote a while ago a summer itinerary so that my summer will not be unproductive and that it will give me something to do. I had not realize that one of those will include a hair change. Ladies and gentlemen, I am going to get a pixie! I know, I am completely jazzed. Now, I am a tad leery to get my hair cut just because a pixie cut has to be precise: the cut, the color, and that it has to frame my face. Plus, I have curly hair and being in Virginia might pose a little complexity as I do want my pixie to define my structure yet still be lowly-maintained. And, I have never completely chopped my hair before. That is why celebrity inspiration is a must. I'm not going to shop it a la Emma Watson; I'm leaning towards a sexy, modern short bob. I have a while to mull it over, to achieve an exact image and preference in mind. After all, with starting university in the fall, I want to start it with a big bang, to set the tone right away, and what's better than a new hair do?

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