Music Playlist: Lounging in the Sun

Days left: 36

As apprehensive I am about leaving mostly because of my abnormal close relationship I have with my parents and sisters, I realize, and deduced quite successfully, that I am not missing anything behind in Barrie. There is nothing to here! Now, that might sound normal to someone who's lived here for eight years, but education wise, there is absolutely nothing. (There isn't even anything near Toronto or in the Southern Ontario region for me (based on my academic performance and expectations; the closest university that would marginally measure up is somewhere in Pennsylvania).) I am not the in the least sad about leaving Barrie, its citizens, or this country for that matter. I just can't wait to see new scenery, breathe new air, and see new faces.

The month of July is synonymous for tanning for me. All I want to do is lounge under the sun, soak up some vitamin D, and read a good book. Sleeping under le soleil is also nice and I've appropriately compiled a music playlist that is soporific in a good way and will evoke crashing waves, white sand, and palm trees.

1. Rolling in the Deep--Adele
2. Castles in the Air--Bag Raiders
3. Absolutes album by Barcelona
4. Every single song by the Beach Boys (they are the quintessential beach band)
5. You Got Me--Colbie Caillat
6. Need You Know--Cut Copy
7. The Remedy--Jazon Mraz
8. Blue Skies Again--Jessica Lea Mayfield
9. Southbound Train--Jon Foreman
10. Speedy Gonzalez--Pat Boone
11. Real Estate album by Real Estate
12. Can't You Tell--Vetiver
13. Zee Avi album by Zee Avi

(Caution: apply lots of sunscreen.)

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