Trans-Atlantic Traveler

Days left: 5

I was just ready to accept that in a few short days, I will be hauling my stuff half a country away to my new home. I was prepared to shed some tears and tearful goodbyes, but now that's it's actually happening...saying I'm ambivalent is a grandiose understatement. I want to leave Barrie, but I'm not quite ready to leave my family just yet...

Okay, so, exciting news! I have an awesome guest staying with my family for a month or so and she is so cool, calling her Antarctica would not be enough to thoroughly describe her coolness. (I hope you caught my blatant attempt at a futile comic hyperbole.) For the next few days (that I'm here with her), we are going to do everything and be the embarrassing tourist everyone scorns, lugging cameras around, speaking foreignly, and looking at every nook and cranny, as if that is the most fascinating thing we've ever seen. Oh, yes, it is going to be a fabulous time, filled with going to Wonderland (again), shopping in Toronto, seeing a movie (how exciting it must be for her to go to a movie theatre in North America), eat at disgusting fast food joints, go to the beach, swim in my pool, jump on the trampoline, see what driving in North America is like (far too easy is my personal opinion, as most of the drivers in North America would not even approach a car in Europe, never mind actually drive it). People should be very jealous as I have a young European lady following me around and what do you have? Cats, maybe dogs. Humans are much cooler. If I am tardy with my posts, don't be surprised--I'll be having too much trying to learn a foreign language or attempting to adopt their mannerisms.

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