Here Comes the Feeling You Thought You've Forgotten

Days left: 1

It's so strange to think that I've arrived at that pivotal moment in my life where I am, metaphorically of course, leaving the nest. For years I've wondered what that must feel like, what emotion it plucks, and what must be flowing through my mind when that moment arrives. When I first graduated elementary school, I thought, "Wow, in 4 years, I'll be able to say that I'm graduating high school and going off to university" and that I have and I am, I must say, ambivalence is an understatement. I've watched countless films in which the protagonist packs and leaves for college, embarking what life throws her way and the new things she'll discover about herself. Now that I am going down to Virginia tomorrow and move in to university, there is a plethora of things that suddenly rushes to evoke the many things that I loathed several months ago...

What I'm suddenly missing...

-staying up late every night and waking up at 11 in the morning
-eating my mother's deliciously homemade food
-having my sister annoy the freaking crap out of me by talking way too much
-seeing my peers and wondering what it will be of them 5, 10, 20 years from now
-having the desire to do certain things differently had I been given the chance or alter certain reactions with the knowledge I've thus accumulated
-thinking in metric
-giving Barrie a bad reputation and how much I'll miss bastardizing the town
-seeing my parents' faces every day
-watching Esther grow
-seeing my childhood whisk by fleetingly
-grateful that I've arrived at this moment (almost) unscathed
-struck by the overwhelming feeling that I am eighteen years old--a legal adult--and I am moving to university, starting my own life, going my own way, and looking forward to Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, and many other family gatherings in which I will visit and realize just how wonderful it is that I am going this way but how nostalgic I'll be before I arrive
-how much I'll miss my parents

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