reality with a Capital R

Well, ladies and gentleman, this will be the last time I address you before I begin college. Tomorrow morning, I fly back to Virginia Beach and I will soon commence in orientation activities, awkward meetings with people that will soon be my fellow peers, and professors with whom I will associate. Let me tell you, coming back to Canada was such a surreal experience just because I've seen the difference from America to Canada. Barrie is...dead. That is the only term I can adequately describe my hometown. In comparison with Virginia Beach, Barrie is boring, lax, and dead-end. There are very little job opportunities, post-secondary options, and same scenery, same people, same things, same drama, same everything. For example, literally, and I do mean literally, every 5 miles, there is a church. People in VA are unabashed about their religious affiliations and I find that noble considering that people in my home town are timid to admit that they actually--gasp!--attend church. For shopping (yes, I am a shopper), there is waaaay more options and there is more options in every department. And tomorrow, I will officially start my pre-school activities and reality will soon settle in. I cannot promise you that I will post as often as I had but I do guarantee that this blog will not die. Perhaps it will not be as alive as it was in its heyday but I will still blog. Hopefully.

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