Summary: First Week of College

Let's start with the most obvious: classes. May I be blunt and confess that I don't really feel like it's anything different that what I've done in home schooled? I learn, I take notes, I study them for quizzes/tests/exams, and get graded on them. I don't feel extremely overwhelmed; then again, I may have been privileged in that department. So far, it has been pretty chill, lax, easy. However, soon, I have an extremely important and laboring paper due in English 101so that might take more of my time. But for the most part, I don't sense a tremendous different in regards to academic than my homeschooling program (again, might I add that I did the hardest homeschooling program and it was actually university level-based). For example, in English, there is an assignment due highlighting the most common grammar errors in English and not only have I studied them over and over and over and over again for SAT's but I have also took 3 grammar courses in high school, so I'm totally set! At first, I did not want to be home schooled; now, I am so glad that I obeyed God's plan for my life 'cause being at Regent is worth for all those days in which I cried over submitting to God's plan, wanting to be like my peers, and etcetera.

On more important matters, my university welcomed the new school year in a big way: the beach! The Saturday prior to classes beginning, the entire freshman class of Regent's graduating class of 2015 went down to Sandbridge Beach and it was pretty boss. I also went surfing for the very first time in my life! It was such an exhilarating experience and I am certain that I will go countless times after (I even signed up for Regent's surf club!). Only bad thing, I got bitten by something at the beach that day (I'm all good now, but during....that was horrible. It was just plain bad.). Then the school was struck by the earthquake. Surprisingly, Regent was hit very little; there was a little swaying, but other than that, it was fine. Considering that the epicentre is Richmond, which is 2 hours north, it was the hand of God upon the school. People at the Pentagon were evacuated; shopping sprees in other locations spread across VA beach was hit mildly and people all the way to Toronto felt the tremor. Next, I'm prepared to experience Hurricane Irene. Never have I experienced a hurricane before. I've read the stories, felt sympathy, but that's it. Now it's the real deal. Great first week of classes, eh?

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