Look Up; Love has a Face

Woohoo! Happy 100th post! (I feel very special writing that when, in fact, it bears no earth-shattering significance.)

In less than two weeks, I am starting university. Saying that, reading that, and believing it makes it difficult to convey how I'm truly feeling but nonetheless, it's true. Now, I am also attending a Christian university and while many are criticizing my decision to attend a Christian post-secondary education institution and may give me a sense of what people will call--quote--a "sheltered" milieu--unquote--college is much more than just having a party life, studying, and having options open. Nay, for me, it's about have a strong community behind my back, a rigid foundation--a family. Being at Regent is not just a place for me to learn and venture in the job world, searching for whatever comes my way. On the contrary, it's preparing me, equipping me with the necessary tools so that when I go to find my career, I will be successful at it. Besides, that makes it easier when I have people with similar goal-orienated mentality around me.

Here is a preview of my room (or what I've organized thus far)...

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