Culture Analysis

I am going to start this post by admitting something potentially controversial: Canada is seriously behind. For my Canadian readers, you are probably not familiar with Chick-fil-a, a fast food joint that is, shockingly (she pronounced sarcastically), by Christians, hires Christians employees, and plays Christian music in the background. That is something unheard of in Canada; Canadians are naturally apathetic and indifferent and it's nice to see that Christianity is not diminishing. It may be heavily scrutinized and under severe belittling--viewing and uttering Christianity in a disparaging fashion. While many public faces and politicians see no use for Christianity, this is actually on the rise. King's Dominion, an amusement park in northern Virginia is a Christian-based park. Well. Isn't that something? Just when I thought that no one was willing to speak up for their beliefs and were willing to compromise for friendship, social status, and relative affluence, there is quite certainly a passion on Regent's campus and in its students. It is incontrovertibly sure that many people are unwilling to settle in terms of their faith. There are stores dedicated to proclaiming the Truth, amusement parks, fast food restaurants (in which everyone dines), and popular music festivals. Oh, it's good to be inVirginia...

In terms of college life, the workload is tolerable, people come in and out of dorm rooms, hang out every night, and have movie festivals. I do suspect, however, that workload will burgeon and will have less time to converse with my fellow peers and more time studying. Maybe, maybe not. We'll see.

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