My Thoughts Are On You

Thankfully, orientation activities have halted considerably, thus allowing many students to sleep in and especially for those who stayed up until 2:00 AM, eating at Waffle House at midnight, and playing truth or dare at 1 in the morning (ahem), it was an especially good thing. However, with nothing in the morning, that gave a tremendous amount to think. I thought about home, my family, the familiarity of everything, and how much I miss them. I miss my baby sister's baby talk (as she is beginning to formulate her speech), my little sister's annoyingly sweet ways (because I know what she says and does is for my own good even if I fail to realize it at the moment), and my parents. I miss them. It still hasn't registered in my mind that I living for 4+ years in Virginia and somehow, thinking of them hopefully induces that feeling but it hasn't. I miss them and I keep thinking that in the near future, I'm going back home. But I'm not. I'm missing my mother's delicious homemade food, my father's jests and jokes, my sisters' shrieking, and my room. (I wish that I had requested for a quad 'cause they are awesome). Perhaps with the imminent workload that will arrive with classes commencing on Monday, that feeling will soon arise...Until then, thinking of my family continuously...

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