To Taste Nostalgia's Acrid Flavor...

I am officially moved in to university and might I just say, it is the strangest feeling known to man. First of all, I was feeling extremely homesick as it has only been 27 hours since leaving home and already I'm craving my mother's homemade cooking, my (crazy) sister's antics, and my baby sister's beautiful and excruciatingly cute face and well, aggravating shrieks. So far, it has only been my father and me and while it has been an adventure (eating at Cracker Barrel, eating Doritos, having Haagen Dazs, and drooling in the car), I miss my family. It's all their fault; they have created the perfect environment that I never want to leave home, the comfort of my own bed, and the notion that my family is all downstairs. Now, I have to get used to the fact that I'm alone in my room (for now) and that my parents are 1030 km away. Why do I miss my parents so much? Why must they have created a Mommy's and a Daddy's girl that I never want to leave their side? This sucks. I do not regret that I left Barrie--in fact, I am so glad I left that opportunity barren desert--but I miss my family too much to admit.

I am getting to get teased for this.

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