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It comes to no surprise that celebrities are the first when it comes to trends and wearing designer finds. I myself do not like to look at celebrities because most often, they wear detestable ensembles simply because it is a designer brand. They often wear ugly clothing only because the tag says Balenciaga or Burberry. There are those few times when celebrities wear wearable, fashionable clothes that emulates an old-school glamour. Personally, I don't find myself gravitating towards celebs to look for fashion inspiration, but since celebrities have a certain of financial stability (for some, for now), they can afford--let's face it--more fashionable finds than one can discover at TJ Maxx or at Macy's. I have travelled abroad several times; I have gone to Europe enough times to let you know that when you see certain celebrities "caught off guard" by the paparazzi and they are wearing put-together ensembles and you think to yourself: "Who wears that casually?", they are wearing what simple people wear in Europe. (What celebrities wear in Europe is nothing what star favourites such as Jessica Alba or Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing. The wife of France's president--Carla Bruni--is the epitome of Euro fashion and a reincarnation of Jackie O style.) In fact, in Zurich, Switzerland, that is what people wear to the grocery store. In Europe, people are much more fashionable, more in tune to vogue, and seem more put together. In a nation that stabilizes based on position, clothing is everything. Since I can't travel to Europe every time I want to renew my mind regarding fashion, celebrities are a good alternative. My top 5 in Casual Wednesday (or any other day for the week for that matter...):

Although this seems a tad formal, this simple top and pants ensemble is simple yet chic. I would wear this to the mall or to the movies (albeit with some shoes, perhaps a nice pair of flats). The difference between going overboard and looking sloppy is looking chic: appearing put together with little effort. 

This is the classic European look: a striped shirt, dark jeans, a trench coat (or pea coat or leather jacket), a small scarf, and a handbag. Serena Van der Woodsen is the epitome of European vogue. Wander the streets of Paris or Zurich and you won't stand out; in fact, you'll blend in since mostly every female from 15-37 wears different variations of this particular look. Add a Burberry in there--a coat, a scarf, a bag--and you'll be the envy of the Friday shopping crawl.

This is a very simple look. All she is wearing is a pair of jeans, a black top, and a blazer. However, what makes her outfit shine is the heels. Dress up your look in heels and you look better than average. Just because you wear heels doesn't mean you're going to prom or a formal dinner. It is okay to wear heels on casual occasions. Encouraged even.

Again, Demi is simply wearing a striped tunic with legging, black leather boots, and a belt. She's not wearing a dress and yet this is a nice look for shopping in L.A. (or anywhere else for that matter). She looks done up without trying too hard. You want to look put together and appear nicely-dressed without looking like you're trying to look nice. This look is effortlessly cool.

Emmy Rossum, viewed here departing from an airport, has a style that works on (and off) the airplane. Donning a simple yet stylish grey crew neck sweater, a pair of jeans, and a simple pair of black flats (Chanel perhaps?), it is a very simple outfit. The strap bag adds personality to her look and the fedora is optional. In conclusion, you can look comfy and casual but still draw attraction to yourself without trying. 

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