Music Amour: Part II

21. Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?, Change is Hard, and I Was Made For You--She & Him. A refreshing sunny tune, each different in its own uniqueness. In a world saturated in being the Next Big Thing, this band's roots goes back to the 50s (oh yay), where it revises the seemingly forgotten genre.

22. Whispers in the Dark--Skillet. This bands seriously thrills a crowd with its fire, smoke, and neon-lit platforms, this song is power rock at its finest. The guitars is just so good. It also reminds you that you really are never alone; God is always with you, even if it's that little voice called conscience.

23. Hey Hey--Superchick. Basically, long story short: Don't ever sell yourself out. Stay true to who you are. In a world of sellouts, where people compromise to catch of glimpse of potential fame, power, popularity, etc, the lyrics is the essence of the message echoed everywhere. Why kiss the feet of the people who kick you when you can be anything you want to?

24. On Fire--Switchfoot. Usually, I would put all the song by the same artist in one listing, but there are special meanings to these forthcoming six songs by Switchfoot. Although the band has no extraordinary talent or education (hello, Queen?), but this particular song is all about that tingly feeling you experience whenever you enter God's presence. It's so surreal that the lyrics express exactly how I feel: I'm on fire when I see you, I'm on fire when He's near, I'm on fire burning at these mysteries...

25. I Dare You to Move. First premiering on A Walk to Remember, this song has sparked international success for its simple yet truth-endearing message. With all the turmoil of life, sorrow, and heartache, don't let that define you; don't let that trouble bring you down. It's difficult to arise your broken heart and smile again, but I dare you to, even if it makes you cry. You will see the sun tomorrow.

26. We Are One Tonight. We are people--we cry, we smile, we stumble, and we crack. That doesn't give us any dissimilarity to anyone else. We still have flaws, special talents, and the ability to love. This song always remind me of that clay ornament with four people holding hands.

27. Lonely Nation. The statement money can't buy you happiness is true, but it's incomplete. By itself, money doesn't provide happiness. You can have a million things but without God by your side, it's empty and pointless. Our world is searching forsomething and that something is God but they don't want to admit it. I don't want their loneliness, their sadness, and their emptiness.

28. Always. God's promise to us: He will always love us. His love, unlike man's conditional love, is unconditional--regardless of the circumstance. I just love that.

29. Free. The premise is that everyone is a slave: a slave to anger, addiction, lying, stealing, cheating, unfaithfulness, whatever. The lyrics inside this shell is a prison cell is a sad reality because they are caged without any method of freedom. Whether unsaved or a brother or sister in captivity, Jesus bought the freedom, therefore we don't need to live in chains. Or live in bondage without any chains...

30. Enchanted--Taylor Swift. Best. Song. Ever. Buy the whole album. Do it. Go.

31. Everybody Wants to Rule the World--Tears for Fears. An avid fan of the 80s, this tune is light enough to transport you to the era of music. The sound is the epitome of the 80s. A good listen.

32. Tempted--Sharon Leal. A song featured on Hellcats (a great show), this is actually a rendition of the original song by Squeeze. However, this version is way better. Trust me on this: worth $1.29.

33. Fresh Pair of Eyes--Brooke Waggoner. The tune, the humming, and the overall mood of the song is something you can listen to on a rainy day, when all you do is look outside at the dark and sunless sky and daydream about something or someone...

34. Sweet Disposition--The Temper Trap. Okay, I admit it: If I hadn't watched(500) Days of Summer, I probably wouldn't have discovered this gem of a song. And that would be a shame. It's of the indie genre, but I assure you that you won't soon forget this song in One Hit Wonderland. This song is good to stay.

35. Call My Name, Run to You, Born Again, King of Glory, and God of Wonders--Third Day. Sometimes, you don't want to listen to rock or pop; sometimes, you want to listen to some uplifting music to soar your spirits. These songs bring you a place of humbleness as you imagine how utterly insignificant we are in this vast and large universe yet how precious we are, how significant we are. And how God is always there, how He is our help, and how He will always come through.

36. The Invitation, Welcome to the Masquerade, Bring Me to Life, and E for Extinction--Thousand Foot Krutch. Hailing from Canada, this band can seriously rock. Guitars, vocals, drumming...pure awesomeness.

37. Lose My Soul--TobyMac. It's true: I don't want to gain the whole world, be extremely popular but forget God. I don't want to gain everything in this world for throw away the only thing that matters: God. God permits my entrance to Heaven but friends can drag me to Hell. Who would you rather serve?

38. Horchata, Run, Cousins, Giving Up the Gun, and Ottoman--Vampire Weekend. I admit: indie music can easily turn from unique to weird. But this band (forming at an Ivy League school) proves to bash all indie music stereotypes. Totally and completely unique.

39. Quick Fix--VV Brown. Retro, funky, spunky, fresh, modern, fun. This all encompasses VV Brown's sound. This song is like vintage with a modern edge. Probably my favourite artist from across the pond.

40. Kokomo and Good Vibrations--Beach Boys. I love surf-y music. It reminds me of the beach, palm trees, and (of course) boys in trunks. These boys from California make music that makes you want to hop on a plane and jet to sunny Cali or Florida and lay on a beach and tan. But, since this is in the 60s (hello vintage nautical), that just makes it that much cooler.

41. In the Dark--Flyleaf. I have saved the best for last. This has to be my all-time favourite song ever. Although I have many I prefer and favour, this, without a doubt, tops them all. Every time, and I do mean every time, I hear this, I always envision a mega epic floor routine. And that I'm a gymnast. And that I can do awesome aerial tricks. Alright, so there are multiple factors that contribute to my preference.

42. Longtime/Foreplay--Boston. Epic. That is the only world to describe it. Just plain epic. Don't understand? Listen to the intro (the song is about 8 minutes long) and then you'll understand. Perfectly.


I mostly purchase songs and albums via internet; however, there are some albums that are worthwhile to get in store and have a hard copy rather than the one from iTunes.

I. An Education Soundtrack
II. Pride & Prejudice Soundtrack
III. Flipped Soundtrack
IV. Real Estate--Real Estate
V. Momento Mori--Flyleaf
VI. Welcome to the Masquerade--Thousand Foot Krutch
VII. MuteMath--MuteMath
VIII. Armistice--MuteMath
IX. Absolutes--Barcelona
X. Speak Now--Taylor Swift
XI. For Those Who Wait--Fireflight
XII. Hands--Little Boots
XIII. Head First--Goldfrapp
XIV. The Listening--LIGHTS
XV. Lungs--Florence + the Machine
XVI. (500) Days of Summer Soundtrack
XVII. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Soundtrack
XVIII. Zee Avi--Zee Avi

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