I must admit: I am quite idiosyncratic. I have a Hottie of the Month. I have phases; one moment I am crushing on Ian Harding. The next, it's someone new. I have crushes like the phases of the moon. Recently, to fuel my (evident and blase oblivion) attraction to boys, I have just recently discovered Gilmore Girls. I know what you're thinking: it's been four years since the series run; why now? Actually, that's a good question. You see, I have limited channels. Unlike the US, Canada has very limited network channels. No ABC Family, no Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, etc., etc., etc. Because of this, I have incessant show revelations that would classify me as a freak since they are not new to the world, but new to me. Gilmore Girls is a wonderful show that isn't overly dramatic--the type of drama that leaves one imminent to rolling one's eyes and wonder, How in the world would that ever happen? Like every other show, it has boys. Cute boys. And it seems silly that I am only discovering them (or rather, he) now when several years previously, he was plastered on every teen magazine sold on stands. And since I have boy data overload, I am going to share them with you, simply because when I have boy-data-overload-itis, I burst like a flooding dam. And that is not a pretty sight. In commemoration to V-day that just recently passed, here is a list of boys that I find utterly adorable. In no particular order.

Okay, might I just say that Carter Jenkins has an acute alikeness to Milo Ventimiglia (Jess from Gilmore Girls)? I have always found that dark and handsome variety extremely sexy.

Jared Padalecki is just so freaking handsome! I actually regret not discovering him earlier. Of all the characters on Gilmore Girls, he is of natural beauty. Milo was cute, then, but now, he just looks so...old. But Jared, hot as ever. His wife must be fortunate to have married him. 

I don't usually like boys in hats or long hair, but there is this particular essence to Tyler Blackburn that oozes mystery and intrigue that is uber sexy.

Wow. Looks like Zach and Cody grew up. And quite handsomely might I add.

Every time I lock eyes with Prince Caspian (aka. Ben Barnes), I renew my decision of decreeing Mediterranean boys the most attractive men on this planet. (This is biased, as I have mostly met Spanish and Italians.) Add his accent...he is just irresistible.

There is just something about big nice lips and a wonderful accent that makes a girl listen to him talk all day long. Although he might not have the slightest clue of what he is conversing on, his accent makes him sound a connoisseur of the trade. Gregg Sulkin is one of them.

Ian Harding, you are adorable. He emulates that boy next door, love-you-forever look. I like you.

I know, I know! I featured Jared Padalecki twice. But that is only because I find so cute! That hair...I just want to run my hand through his thick mane like Lane did. His deep, dark lose yourself in a maze of wonder. And his smile...I seriously adore men with beautiful, white teeth. I find teeth an important factor to attractiveness. And Jared, baby, you have it. He seriously has like, the perfect face: nice hair, beautiful teeth, nice lips, awesome eyes. He is the perfect package.

Now, this may go without saying and I might perhaps sound redundant, but I like boys of a specific appearance. Not that I'm biased towards men of particular look; it's just that I'm drawn towards tall, dark, and handsome. But hey, I like blond with green eyes too. But I have a magnetic attraction to guys of certain looks. What do you think?

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