10 Things I Love About Make It or Break It

I have always been a naturally athletic kid. As a youth, I could be found playing on the monkey bars all day long. I just loved it. And I was really good at it too. I could do tricks no one else (in my school) could do. I was given the appropriate moniker "Queen of the Monkey Bars". As much as I adored the nickname, I never really gave it much thought. I've wanted to be something more than a kid playing on a jungle gym, but at the time, that wasn't even a possibility. Then, Make It or Break It comes into the picture. A riveting drama about four Olympic hopefuls, I was struck by Emily's (second from the left; third from the right) character. She was discovered at a YMCA in Fresno, California, but before then, she was playing on the jungle gyms and monkey bars in various parks. At that moment, I thought, Hey! Maybe if I was given the chance and the financial opportunity, perhaps I could have been a nationally-ranked gymnast. I recalled all the memories of my natural flexibility, my inane ability to create flamboyant routines on bars, and how I taught myself how to do a front handspring at just nine years old.  It was then that I decided that I definitely could have become a gymnast; had I gone to formal training...who knows? Maybe you could have watched me at 2012 in London. The characteristic matched: I was notoriously competitive, naturally flexible, and easily coachable. When I realized that I wanted to start gymnastics, it was too late: I was too old (fifteen). So, in spite of my what-could-have-been thoughts, I watched Make It or Break It adoringly, imagining that that the gymnast on screen was me. 

10 Reasons Why I Love Make It or Break It:

1. The drama. Let's face it: if a show does not draw you in and does not have moments that tantalizes your imagination, no one would watch. This series is no different. Although most of the stuff would never happen (going on vault after a minor injury to name one), the drama opens eyes to a realistic portrayal of an Olympic hopeful. Betrayal between teammates that eventually drive a wedge between them. Secrets that must be kept or be forced to resign your position in gymnastics. The turmoil in the gymnastic community. All make you keep wondering: What will happen next?

2. The stunts. Whenever I see a gymnast perform a stunt (double Arabian, Geiger, etc.), I will imagine that I am incorporating them into my own routine, along to Flyleaf's In the Dark. I watch this show, see the stunts, and imagine myself doing that very move. Then it's back to reality and realize that I can't do anything past a handspring or full.

3. The location. The initial setting is in Boulder, Colorado, but the show has a variety of locations where contenders have invitations, competitions, Nationals, or World's. France, Brazil, and China are just to name a few. Nice to know that a show isn't geographically illiterate. 

4. The boys. Cute boys, hot bodies, and honourable personalities. What's not to like?

5. Razor. See no. 4.

6. Damon. See no. 4.

7. The leotards. The leos are something I thought I would never want to wear, but alas, it seems that things (and opinions) can change. Though there is a vast variety of leotards, Lauren (first from left) wears my favourite. Plus, the leo makes you feel like an actual gymnast. (Write leotard on birthday list...)

8. Lauren's hairstyles. She is extremely eclectic to her hairdos, ranging from crimped hair, to updos, to braided bangs. It makes me wish I had longer hair (and extensions...). She is one to emulate, mane wise.

9. The relationships. Make It or Break It shows the different ranges of relationships: coach and gymnast mom, coach and gymnast, fellow gymnast with another gymnast, coach and director of the gym, mother and daughter, sister and brother, and daughter and father. I think the one that keeps my interest is between Summer and Sasha. I know it's the oldest, but there is something forbidden about their relationship that keeps everyone's attention on the screen to see what is next for them.

10. Candace Cameron-Bure. Yay! One reason I watch this show. She plays Summer Van Horn, a woman who is dating Steven Tanner (interesting that Bure's name in Full House was Tanner also...), Lauren's father. They eventually break it off, but she is still involved at the Rock (hence the relationship between Sasha (the coach) and herself. Also, her presence on the show is evident. Since Bure herself is a Christian, her character is also a Christian, which in turn influences the show. She speaks about abstinence, her love for the Lord, her desire to follow Him, and the way she manages to keep her value intact, and how everyone respects her because of that. 

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