10 things I love about you

A serious prerequisite I consider whenever I enter a relationship--or a dating courtship of some sort--, there must be an attraction--whether that be in witty remarks or in conversation. We just have to click. If there is no click at the beginning, there will likely not be along the way. That is not to say that spending time with that said person will accumulate that click. But spending time with that person is clicking; your conversation is natural: not artificial but genuine. That being said, whenever I admire a guy (whether from afar--Hollywood--or closer to home), there has to be at least ten reasons why I like him, not just for his body or smile. Unfortunately, if only I had taken my own advice several months prior to this publication. Nonetheless, there has to be ten concrete reasons all based on character on why I like you and why I want to spend time with you. So, in tangent to Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year, apparently, I always remind myself of why I love this person or that person. But in Jesus' case, the true holder of my heart, ten reasons only begin to describe His love for me. While the rest of the world celebrates love, lust, and infatuation (guilty of the latter!), I am overflowed with such a love that no Valentine's Day festivity can agglomerate. Unlike the love portrayed in entertainment mediums, His love is genuine, pure, and authentic. Now, that is a love worth celebrating.

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