Gossip Fashion

Although I am not a particular fan of the show Gossip Girl, I absolutely adore the fashion. It's refreshing to see a show that does not style horribly-put together ensembles that depicts the lack of knowledge in North America regarding fashion. Karl Lagerfeld once stated: Fashion is intelligence. I completely agree. You need to have a basic knowledge of fashion or just clothing in general. In particular, one should know what styles suits, flatters, and looks uncouth on one. Then, one can assort a wardrobe from that understanding. In Gossip Girl, Blair is classy, stylish, and chic. She emulates and reincarnates an Audrey-esque poise that very few people can pull off. Thus, I have collected my favourite Blair outfits. 

Here, she channels what is regular euro vogue--regular Friday attire.

While it's just a shirt and skirt combo, the elegance speaks volume.

Classic 50s formal wear. 

 The Great Gatsby anyone?

Everything about her outfit is divine.

I fancy the prep look myself; I just don't like looking like a goody-two shoes. Here, Blair clearly shows that you can look smart and fashionable.

Ideal for a summer party. No white after Labor Day? Not according to Blair Waldorf.

The perfect vacation look: looking relaxed without going overboard. Genius.

Looking professional often makes one look much too older. Here, Blair distributes a professional look with one's personal touch. Or, in her case: a red bag, a scarf (a la Audrey), and her fashion staple--a headband. An ideal university interview look.


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