What Does P-R-O-M Spell?

It seems that everywhere I go, prom is on the mind. The new Disney movie Prom, countless magazines assisting you to make the best of this big day, and a slew of prom dresses in every department store window. I understand that high school is only part of the life experience and that graduation from high school is marginally important compared to university/college graduation, but, come on! There has to be a reason why this hype is so exponentially build up only to have girls dreaming of this days since the seventh grade or immediately after elementary school graduation. Now, for practical reasons, let's pretend that I was invited to someone's prom, that I am being escorting with someone to prom, that I have a reason to get all glammed up, spend money on hair, makeup, and extra prep time to ensue that every detail is of prime stability. Everything about me on prom night--my dress, my hair, my makeup, my shoes, my clutch--would epitome Old Hollywood. Definitely one-shouldered. Something that would nicely contrast my olive complexion. I can already picture it in my mind. And if you could read my mind, the possible dress options would be as following:

The dress is the pinnacle, the zenith of prom glamour. However, the makeup and hair cinches it all in. I would decide on something classy, something understated yet still visible and defining one feature. Essentially, the makeup and hair will be subtle yet there for everyone to see...

Shoes and clutches require no thinking; I already know exactly what I would get had I be invited to this massive event. Notwithstanding, I can perhaps imagine what prom might have been like, experience through wistful thinking, let my imagination soar and write a novel about the perfect prom night (I probably won't; too cliche). Sigh. Well, you can't experience everything. I suppose imagining or viewing from a television set will have to suffice.

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