Top 5: Minimizing Lengths!

In light of Spring, the end of April, the beginning of May, the temperatures continues to grow steadily (slowly but surely!). In lieu of jeans, boots, and leather bomber jackets, shorter and shorter dress lengths inaugurates its appearance with the escalating weather. Wise advice: Unless you are Carrie Underwood and are monikered as having the nicest and most toned legs in Hollywood, perhaps these minimal hemlines may prove more horrific memories than lauding laughter.


A reference to Carrie Underwood would not be complete without a photographic documentation of this aforementioned reference. This Stella McCartney sheath is very, very simple; however, it exudes an airy vibe as well as simplistic sophistication. The simple cut gives your legs the major headlines. 


Lauren Conrad's dress is very cool. The detailed design, the greenish colour, as well as her tan makes this an appealing view. The long sleeves keeps the hemlines clean. With no accessory in sight, this allows the dress to be to the main attraction. The heel length is nice; although a different colour may be preferred. 


Hayden's turquoise dress is very clean: clean lines, clean cut, and clean length. The vibrant colour gives a nice pop (as well as contrasting the weary Canadian "spring" weather). The piece de resistance? Her peach-hued wedges. 


No explanation necessary. Everything about her outfit is divine.


Okay, Kate Mara's outfit is fun! Her baby blue dress, her crimson heels, and her creme-coloured clutch makes this an excellent outfit. Wonderful; I cannot amass the words to express how awesome this outfit is.

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