Top 5: Stepping into Spring

Spring has eclectic meanings: for some, it brings memories of cherry blossoms swiftly flowing in the air; for others, it's reminiscent of rainy, gloomy rain showers that is penchant for SAD. Whatever Spring means to you, it's a new season--it's a new time, a refreshment, and a time of renewal. The snow has melted away and grass is growing while perennials begin to bloom, developing a symbiotic relationship. And usually, spring means warmer and warmer and warmer weather. But the weather seems to be holding off on you, bring constant rain and cloud cover instead of sun and warmth, you need another way to perk your spirits. One perennial spring trend: florals and lots and lots of colours.


I generally gravitate towards pops of colour, especially when the surrounding vista is dark and gloomy. Amy Adams's ensemble is the perfect remedy for the rainy blues and it is the perfect look for a stroll around the park. Fun and fresh. I suppose Jason Segal's blue suit might help matters. 


Usually, Whitney Port creates looks that I would not normally wear. However, she does usually wear fun clothing that makes me want to blast some Icelandic electronic music and dance. This dress is no exception. I like the bubbles (I think they're bubbles) on her dress because it's humorous and lightens the mood. Plus, it's really fun. Personally, I would have pulled my hair into a messy knot and wore a different coloured clutch, but hey, the dress is a keeper. 


I can't wear orange. I really can't because my tanned, olive complexion won't allow it, so imagine my dismay when I see a nice orange ensemble (who knew such a thing existed?) on Emmy Rossum. The colour blocking is flattering, the heels are complementary, and her earrings add a classy touch and pop against her dark tresses. It's so pretty.


What spring without a little retro fever? Lauren Conrad's photo shoot for the November 2010 issue of Teen Vogue is ravishing. While this may be directed for fall fashion, I like to think that this is more spring than fall, what with the flowery design on her dress and the pastel/nude hue of her flats. All in all, this picture sums up my ideal spring outfit. 


Apart from the matchy flats and cardigan thing going on, it's a typical and flirty spring outfit. Again, I would have opted for a red cardigan and a pair of coloured heels, bringing more life into the outfit but that is only my personal opinion. I generally like it so I can tweak it in my mind.



I know, I usually have only five for my Top 5 but this week, I couldn't decide on just five. Emma Roberts's top is legitimately my favourite thing about her outfit. The leather leggings and matching hued heels may be a bit much, but the top with a pair of jeans and coloured wedges is absolutely divine.


I can't amass the words to encompass my admiration for retro/vintage clothing. Moreover, I admire it even more when the fashion world (Teen Vogue, in my eyes) emulates that classic feminine look with recent and modern pieces that captivate poise and grace. Emma Roberts has just that in Teen Vogue's April 2007 photo shoot. The dress, the cut, the belt, the brooch, the hair! It's just amazing. I lack description because I am at a loss for words.


This looks completely describes April weather in Barrie. However, Emma Watson makes it classy with her blue double-breasted pea coat and her messenger bag. Her makeup simple, her outfit takes center stage. And it looks so collegiate! Perfect inspiration for my university look...

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