Top 5: April 14

April usually means reinvention. While that also holds true to September, April is a time to razzle dazzle your wardrobe, making it pop with freshness and effervescence that Spring brings.

This black-and-white polka dot Lanvin sheath is a wonderful twist on the classic '50s style. It's one of those dresses that lifts your spirits and perks you up. If you really want to make an impression, wear some nice red heels--nothing major, but it will definitely turn heads. 


How do I even begin to describe Carrie Underwood's bling-tastic (sorry, that sounded wrong typing it) mini dress? First of all, it does exude a boisterous personality and secondly, the interesting detail and colour makes it fascinating. Her shoes match and that brings an extra point to a dress made to disco! Again, a bubbly dress.


This perhaps captures my clothing on a regular basis. Classic tweed jacket, a nude shirt underneath, a long simple necklace, dark skinny jeans, colour-blocked flats (in the style of Coco Chanel) and a white tote. Mandy Moore is a burgeoning style icon.


I like Brittany Snow's dress because the cut is modest, the design is flattering, and the look is overall classic. However, with the sparkly details, you take something of a bygone era and up the ante. The nude platform heels and black clutch shouts muted elegance. 


Real life Betty Draper, aka January Jones, is the epitome of classic sophistication. What with the striped shirt, flared jeans, black sunglasses, bag, and shoes, she grabs attention with asking for it. That, my friends, is being cool without trying. 

Also, I should add that to whom it may concern, to who may be reading my blog, I just want you to know that due to my very busy and hectic schedule, cramming school work with university prep, I will not post as frequently as I have. Although I will still be blogging, I will take a short moratorium and focus on school.

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