Soul Surfer

I had just recently saw Soul Surfer and I am enamoured with its uplifting, determined-minded message: Never give up. After Bethany Hamilton suffered unimaginable trauma--losing her arm to a shark attack--rather than losing hope, floating through life, and having ambivalence and apathy, she summoned her faith and courage and continued doing exactly what fuels her passion: surfing. Bethany is a real-life Christian (as well as the actress who portrays her, AnnaSophia Robb) and while this circumstance could have greatly rattled her faith and turn her back on the Lord, she did what many saw impossible. She returned to surfing. That is the mindset of a champion. Rather than losing heart when things fail or things didn't work out for the best, it's the fact that you went out there, gave your best, put your heart in front of the battle zone, and did it. Bethany didn't place first at the National Surfing competition the first, but the fact that she tried and refused to give up inspired many not to lose heart either. What I particularly admired about the film is the Christian message. It was real. Everyone has problems and just because we're Christian doesn't mean we're immune to life's challenges; it's how you react to them. She fell down, regained her strength, and continued walking. When you can't continue, lean on the One who gives you strength. It was a very powerful and moving movie. For all the critics who claim that is a maudlin movie pouncing on weak sentiments, they fail to realize just how difficult it was for Bethany to get back up. What is of greater importance is that she often accomplishes more with one arm that most of us do with two arms. That is not to say that having one arm is best; it's just that in the big picture, our problems are not so significant. We have oxygen in our lungs, food on the table, water in the house, electricity, shelter, clothing, safety, and heating, so sometimes we shouldn't complain when we don't get to the Facebook page in the usual time of half a millisecond. Soul Surfer inspires its audience by reminding us that we have strength from Someone else and He gives us a strength that assists us in accomplishing what would otherwise be incomprehensible things. Don't give up. Don't lose faith. 

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