Make Tomorrow Today

I agree; that title is utterly cliche yet very fitting. There is something I want to address. Christians in particular have a problem believing God for big things. If Bill Gates were to have one million dollars ready by tomorrow, it would be as easy as a phone call away. For a Christian, well...God, I don't know if you can do that, y'know? We are limiting God when God Himself is limitless! God cannot be measured in metric or imperial units! So when a Christian looks as a Porsche or a Jaguar, he has a very hard time believing that one day he'll have that. You recall that Scripture when Jesus is asked by a wealthy man what he must do to enter the kingdom of Heaven and Jesus' response is to sell all his things. Now, listen to me very carefully...that Scripture is under severe scrutiny and heavily misconstrued. From this Scripture, many Christians take in account that God doesn't want to bless us, that it is considered humility to sell all our things, live with burlap dresses and no makeup, and live as lowly as possible, when that simply isn't so. In the right context, what Jesus is saying is to sell all the things that he purchased or achieved or got without Him. Jesus is asking that man where his faith lies: in Christ or in his riches. He's not asking you to sell all your things and live on the streets like a monk, but rather is asking you to put a new mindset on, trust Him with your finances, and put away the old way of getting things, promotions, jobs, etc.
I highly encourage that when you look at a car or a bag or a house, you should say, "One day, I'm going to have that. Maybe not right away, but someday, I will." That's not necessarily the power of positive thinking, but rather planting a seed that needs to be harvested. You shouldn't have an idol in your heart, making that your ultimate pursuit, but you should remember that planting a seed is a start to something far larger than yourself. Instead of saying "Oh, I'll never have that/afford that" whenever you glance at something--let's face it and be honest with ourselves--you really like, say "I will have it one day." Because guess what? If your mantra is "I'll never have this or that", you never will! God is your only Source; He's not someone you look at when you're in trouble. He's someone you worship at all times because He is good all the time. Just because a circumstance arises and attempts to contradict that truth, rise above it and stand your faith.
Here are some of the things that I will own in my lifetime. Maybe not in 5 or even 10 years, but praise God! I will have it! And when I walk around in my designer goods and people ask me what it is that I do, I will answer without blinking, hesitating, or breathing: "Jesus."

A BMW 545i or a Mercedes C300

An Hermes turquoise scarf and a Birkin Bag, also Hermes

A Chanel 2.55 bag

The classic Chanel tweed suit, not the modern, avant-garde versions created recently but that original one that Coco Chanel herself designed, which is the epitome of French haute couture. Plus, it really is classy.

Harry Winston necklaces, whether sapphire or diamonds. 

Louis Vuitton travel cases and travel duffel bags--travelling in style and fashion.

Oscar de la Renta dresses that are fun, retro, and stylish all at the same time. And he makes wearable clothing that regular people can wear, not just size 2 models.

A pair of classic Christian Louboutin heels--not the crazy 5 inch heels, but wearable (albeit not so comfortable) heels that would nicely match my Chanel bag

A nice beach house in Florida or somewhere off the Gulf. Even though hurricanes comes and climatic weather occurs, my house cannot be touched because the Blood is on it and the enemy cannot even think of touching it. If the enemy dares to destroy or touch the house that has the blood of Jesus, the enemy will pay me back sevenfold. I have dominion and I employ that dominion wherever I go and live. (Don't understand this principle? Don't worry; I'll cover it in the near future so you can understand exactly what type of power you have over this earth and over the evil one.)

A beautiful Monique Lhuillier dress (wore on Drew Barrymore and Mandy Moore) or a Maresha dress (worn on Sandra Bullock and Cameron Diaz).

I will emphasize this point: There is absolutely nothing wrong with having nice things. Not at all. But when your desire is to make money only to have nice things, that's when the problem arises. God gives us things richly to enjoy. We acquire money so we can further the kingdom and go greater things here on earth, but Jesus, through His Blood, gives us channels to have and enjoy rich and lavish things since God is, after all, not stingy or frugal. He goes all out. 
What do you see in your near future in regard to things? Make a list and say that you will have it. Be aware that things might not happen magically (as my peers would mockingly exclaim) but you are planting a seed and like a seed, it takes times to grow and mature. 

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