This is who I am

I want to make something perfectly, crystal, and wholly clear: I am an unabashed, unrepentant, and obedient lover and follower of Jesus Christ. Maybe you stumbled across this blog for whatever reason; perhaps it was purely by random chance or from obscruity that you have discovered my blog. However you discovered this, I am most privileged that you have entered my little "world". As much as I like to look at fashion, admire clothing, and listen to music, there is no one--I repeat--no one that I love or harbour more love and adoration that Jesus Christ. While the maxim, "go and be likewise" is a biblical truth, I am diligent to live in absolute obedience. And unfortunately, it's difficult to be 100% passionately following Christ when there are a hundred million different distractions telling me not to. Notwithstanding, I will say this: the core of my blog is Jesus. How I speak, how I conduct myself, the way I present myself and follow protocol, my actions, my words, and my life is surrounding Jesus--the Risen Son of God. I love Jesus Christ because He first loved me and with His extraordinary amount of love, He died for a hell-ridden sinner like me, and because of that, I will never ever be able to repay Him for all that He has done, is doing, and is going to do in my life. All that I can do is serve him wholeheartedly. Jesus is my Healer, my Provider, my Source, my Prince, my Best Friend, my Comforter, my Shelter, my Refuge, my Joy, my Rock, my Strength, and the Lover of my soul. Without Him, I lack identity and have no point of living. I love Jesus with my heart, soul, strength, and mind. If you don't like that, then you don't have to follow this blog or even view it. In fact, if you don't like the fact that I am a radical Christian who is relentlessly pursuing Jesus, then I invite you to click and view another page because you will likely not like the majority of what I write. If that is the case, too bad, because I don't listen to people's opinion of my in that regard. I am not going to change my life or how I live it simply because you don't like it. It is because of Jesus that my life will never be the same so I will not compromise my faith for some people who may or may not prove to be my friend. Jesus Christ is the only real Best Friend I will have. This is an open invitation: if you want to discover who Jesus is and what He has done for you, continuing reading. I will provide insight with love, truth, and authority. If you don't love or even believe in Jesus, then you can look away. It's your choice. But I've made mine and I will never be ashamed to proclaim that I LOVE JESUS CHRIST!!

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