Voyager est ma drogue

I have just received an amazing opportunity abroad! All this time, all those hours perusing travel websites during a boring philosophy lecture have finally brought some good use because I am spending all of July in Europe! This is coming at the perfect time because I was planning to revamp my closet and wardrobe with more Euro-appropraite garments that better exemplify my personal style. One of the things college does to a person is change her style. Since being in college, my style has changed that I look at some of the things in my closet and I wonder, "What was I thinking buying this...?" I was planning to scour Zara and Joe Fresh with a plethora of European inspired clothing and now, it appears it's much more than a necessity.

Before going into a store and forgetting for what I came there for, a list is required. And the majority of items on my list are clean-cut, tailored items such as dark denim jeans, ballet flats, striped shirts, tapered trousers, leather satchel, and whatever else can be seen roaming the streets of Paris or Zurich. While I think that my style has a very fall/spring feel, I'm going in the middle of summer, when it's the most hottest, so I am going to have to find a way to improvise and implement that style into summer wear. A winnable feat.

My goodness, I am teeming with excitement. Taking a day trip to Italy or Switzerland, lying in the Black Sea, visiting Budapest...the possibilities are endless. It is going to be an exciting summer, filled with amazing voyages. I am really going to soak in the European culture; I'm going to eating, drinking it, and living it. It's never going to be a dull moment.

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