In exactly, one month, less than 30 days, I will be finishing my freshman year of college. Yowza. I cannot even being to describe what a year in university did to me. A normal person, a sane person, would quickly jump to leave, but not I. Instead, I'm dreading going back home. I don't have to leave school. Why would anyone not want to leave the place that brings the bane of my existence into play? Maybe I should clarify: I want the school work, the load, and the early morning classes, but I don't want to leave campus, the people that have now become my family, and the on-campus chapel service. It's so strange thinking back a year ago, itching to leave home, and explore the world. I also couldn't wait to make something of myself, not just be at home, working a lulling job and then come back, with the same people, same routine, and same scenery. I emphasized that. But, now that it's time to come back home for the summer, a time of reflection seems fit to ponder upon the events that begins to counter the makeup of my life.

You really do change in a year of university. For the good, for the bad, you do really change. I'm fortunate enough to attend a Christian university that strives to develops one's character while maturing her relationship in Christ. Your thinking changes, you grow more mature, and you see the world through a different set of eyes. You face challenges that you need to face by yourself, or at least, tackle them head on without running to Mommy or Daddy. In university, you need to prioritize and plan your own schedule and because of that, you are accountable with your own time. Nobody else manages your schedule, so you need to arrange it in such a way that you have time to sleep, eat, do homework, and chill. Cause chill time is imperative in college. No, really. Another thing that you need to keep in perspective that you need to eat, so you need to budget your money so that you'll have enough to eat, miscellaneous expenses, and other necessities. So really, college primes you to act, behave, and be a responsible and mature adult.

I may not have gotten a prom, but the Christmas Ball sure came close. The dress, the makeup, the friends, the gave me a glimpse of what it was like. While it didn't exactly live up to my expectations, it gives me the assurance that next year will be even better, hitting the ball out of the park in all areas. Plus, with my roommate attending next year, it's going to be awesome.

I'm really excited for what next year will bring. With plans to work during the summer and taking a class on-line, my summer will give me something to do, rather than just letting it go by quietly. And with more imminent changes during my sophomore year, I am so excited to see what God has for me next year!

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