Style Journal: Louis Tomlinson

I'm sure pretty much half the world knows who One Direction is. They are known for their vocal skills, their styles, and yes, their faces (and bodies, ahem). They just swept North America recently with their single "What Makes You Beautiful". But I'm proud to say that I knew who they are even before iTunes began counting down to their debut album in America. However, what I've noticed is that each member of 1D has a distinctive style and I'm partial to Louis Tomlinson's.

While I don't find utterly attractive (he's funny and goofy and that counts something for me), he does have a style that makes my heart skip my beat.

A key staple in his wardrobe is stripes. Oh, my gosh. I have, I think, 10 different shirts with stripes--thick stripes, black stripes, white stripes, sequined stripes. Yes, I have a plethora of all kinds of stripes, so the fact that he wears stripes as if they're going out of style is HOT. He also likes to wear solid colored pants (red, black, blue). He likes to blazers and bermuda shorts. He honestly embodies that European look, and the fact that he wears stripes...let me catch my breath. I know he's taken and I'm gaga over him, but I must say, his style is flaming.

His key pieces:

Striped Breton top

3/4 striped shirt

Toggle jacket (quintessential British jacket)

Navy blazer

Red pants (preferably bright red, not salmon pink)

Classic white Chucks

Simple white v-neck t-shirt

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  1. He's one of my favorite! (well they're all amazing haha!) But he is my favorite style because it's very nautical and different! :D So classy :)