Home is Where the Heart Is

I am done with my freshman year of college. Well, technically not until Monday. Regardless, it's still very sad that I'm leaving for 3 months the people that have irrevocably changed my life these past 9 months. Perhaps one of the best things about going back home, with getting money, sleeping, and seeing my family and old friends, is that I am able to conjure ideas for next year in terms of style, both fashion and apartment wise. This year I felt like I wasn't able to totally express myself aesthetically and it's partly due to the fact that I didn't have time since I was still adjusting and whatnot. I wanted to get a handle on things before I start lashing out the stripes and aesthetics. In honor of that, I am already beginning to ponder up dorm ideas. Since I have a larger apartment next year, I'll be able to not only have a larger closet space (as if that makes any difference), but I'll have a larger kitchen and living area. I want to create a living area that represents my taste and style. Only problem is my roommate may not exactly want what I want. (Setback? Perhaps only slightly.) In any case, I've taken a few photos from my pinterest and put them on here to express how serious I am about this vamping up my living space for the next 9 3 months.

I really like the clean, minimalistic sense with a mixture of European vogue with a flash of my amour for the vintage. I really want to spruce up the place so that when people come in, they'll actually admire the decor. These photos serve as a great inspiration.

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