A Transpiring Between Two Lovers, Part I

1. Hearts Connected by Distance
This post was created in my most mundane class, glancing at the window and wondering how the warm sunshine breeds joy and the sensation of light rays kissing the skin. Lying on the grass and glancing at the sky, pondering infinite possibilities. By simply turning to my left, my imagination stirred. This marks the first of a short story about two lovers separated by distance and how they are patiently waiting to reunite. Set in a contemporary setting with archaic language dripping with romantic poetic syntax, these two lovers communicate in a way that transcends the heresy of old-fashioned love.

Female: Hi!
Male: Hello!
F: I miss you.
M: I miss you too.
F: When will you return? My heart aches being separated from you.
M: Oh, my love, if only you understood the depth of pain I suffer at the mere thought that we are not together. I will come back to you.
F: Hurry soon. 
M: If I had the ability to be with you right now, I would have returned a long time ago. I would be in your arms.
F: There are times when I want to rush and tell you an event that happened or something I discovered as soon as it happened. But I can’t. I have to recall the story to you. I don’t like being so far away from you. You are my proper half and you are not with me.
M: Please, my love, don’t speak like that. My heart cannot bear it. I will be with you in a short while. It won’t be long before we are reunited.
F: I’ll wait for your arrival. I cannot wait to hug you, to touch your hair, to feel your arms around my waist, to finally be with you once again. I never knew it was possible to miss a single person so dearly. I see you in everything and at everything I look at. There is not a single instance where I am not reminded of you.
M: Merely looking at the sun, the moon, the oasis of a beach, it cannot compare to your beauty. Gazing at it sends a rushing force down my entire body and compels my body to cripple with awe. I am reminded of you in everything. There is not a moment where I don’t miss you. My throat throbs at the mention of your name, the hairs on my arms stand up when your face enters my mind, and my chest begins to beat violently whenever I think about you. My heart belongs to you.
F: I love you so very much.
M: I love you.

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