Summer Dreaming

I'm choosing to blame the rain for this unquenchable urge to drop everything and fast forward one month and travel to summer. Perhaps in conjunction with the sleepy weather, the lulling sense the last month of school brings, it is quite certain to say that I am ready for summer. It appears that time is standing still, passing ever so slowly, at the pace at which it takes light to reach Earth. (Meaning, very, very slowly.) I have already begun to zone out, for my brain to shut off after a certain period of the day and focusing on nothing more than to sit down, relax, have a good book in hand, a delicious beverage in the other, and receiving a lot of sunlight. The idea sounds so wonderful, in fact, that I am already suffering from the summer dreaming syndrome--I want nothing more than for it to be summer. It's a dreadful diagnosis that when the weekend hits, I have absolutely no desire to do any homework. Especially if peering outside the window, you find a solemn and gloomy scene, with rain droplets falling, a deep gray sky, and a relatively gloomy mood, it doesn't help.

I find summer a mystifying and puzzling thing. On one hand, it has a tantalizing effect; we often find ourselves doing things that we otherwise wouldn't dream of doing. (There has to be a reason why the concept of a summer romance is so attractive and compelling.) The warm days, the shorter nights, and the lighter layers creates such an environmental aura that it produces a form of dream-like sequence. Pictures such as frolicking on the sand, sipping a nice cold drink in an appealing cup (fitting the summer aesthetic), and getting a couple shades darker is often what comes to mind. Wearing lighter clothes, longer and lighter hair, have an undetermined schedule that does not rely on assignment deadlines, and relishing under the sunlight is everything I wish I could do right now. And permit me to mention the prospect of travelling for a moment. The possibilities are endless...not to mention the sights I could see. Summer is such a blissful time of the year. Putting aside the wonderful warm weather, summertime can be a time that everything changes. 

Especially fashion. While I am aware what the magazines say, what the big brands tell you, and what Fashion Week remarks as the summer staple, I prefer to do my own thing, maintaining my own sense of style while adjusting it to adapt to the climate change. With summer virtually on the horizon, this translates to skirt, flowy tops, and sandals! While I am veering towards an influx of skirts this season, I am also impartial to light tops that demurely attract the right amount of attention to the skin, open-toed shoes that displays my (to-be) tanned toes and pedicure, and luscious body-hugging dresses. Oh, the endless possibilities! I, for one, cannot wait to dress in summer attire. 

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