Je rêve d'été

Today marks the 5 week countdown where I will be spending my summer in Europe. For faithful readers, you all know very much my ardent desire to travel and see Europe, so this is something that is vying all my attention during these stressful last weeks of the semester. I immediately begin to think which cities I can visit, what people I will encounter, what experiences I will sense, the memories that I will make. I have long come to recognize that traveling is not merely just seeing novel places and taking in beautiful scenery that reveres the beauty of creation. Rather, it is about the places you see, the people you meet, and the memories you make. When I look back, I certainly don't want to just remember visiting a famous European city. I'd rather remember what I did when I was there, what I saw, and who I met. I have a very romantic view to traveling; I see adventure and beauty in everything, and I believe that I can transform any mundane thing into something exciting. Perhaps I am viewing all of this through the lens of a writer, but regardless of the frame I'm glancing through, I am reminding myself that these four dreams could very well be reality this summer.

1. I am always interesting in refining my style. Moreover, I desire to further cultivate my individual sense of style that sets me apart. And, like everything else about me, my style and fashion gravitates towards a European mode. I enjoy simple shapes, textures, and designs. I like nude and muted colors. However, with summer around the corner, this is naturally infused with splashes of color. I do hope that my style will begin to look like a trendy explorer with her head in the books, her heart in the heavens, and her eyes set on making a mark. 

2. Explore major European cities. Cities like Prague, Belgrade, Vienna, and Budapest are among the top of the list in the region that I am staying. There is something so exciting about walking down streets that have last for several centuries, where history was made, and stories have been made. In addition to being touristy within measures, exploring cute boutiques and quaint cafes that may not necessarily be in a Lonely Planet traveling guide is all the more exciting. It will be part of the many stories and discoveries I hope to make. 

3. Greece. The bright azure scenery, the turquoise waters, the tranquil places...I could go on. Perhaps it was the allure Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants presented, or just the clear blue waters that entices me to go. Regardless, there is a mystique that surrounds Greece. Visiting biblical cities, such as Thessaloniki, Corinth, and Athens. Close my eyes and inhale the salty air, feel the thick air surrounding me, and breathe in the atmosphere. 

4. Travel via train. This is perhaps the event I am most excited about. The prospect of traveling on a train, sitting seats by an old wooden table, with archaic decor, and falling in love with the scenery. I find the train to be such a romantic method of voyage. A couple sitting across from each other, gazing deeply in each other's eyes, grazing each other's hand, and sitting in silence, and yet, communicating far more than words could express. This is what I think whenever I think traveling by train, but of course, I just think it's equivalent to stepping a little bit back in time while remaining contemporary. I can finally break out the list of books I've been desiring to read. I can sit, with my novel in hand, and see rolls of green hills whiz past me. It's something I've always wanted to do, and the prospect of it possibly coming to pass is clearly exciting to me. 

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