October, My Friend

As I grapple with the idea that it is October, I find it strange that September has gone by and it has not dropped below 20 Celsius. Perhaps it is because I always associate September with the leaves changing colors, the temperature fluctuating, and warm tea to warm my bones. While I ponder all that has happened during the ninth month of 2012, there are several things I wish to share with you.

1. The first of them, and arguably the most formidable of them, is the art of allure. And this may be linked with style. Many of the gentlemen I had encounters with describe that while they like a girl to be confident, attractive, and secure in who she is, there is undoubtedly a mystique in a laconic stranger you see every day when you walk to your class. You can recall her distinct style, the way she parts her hair, and the particular way she does makeup. With that registering in my mind and hearing my fellow lads explaining that while they like a chase, there is such an element to mystery. Almost an enchantment. They say that there is something about her, the way she stands, the way she looks, and the way her gaze is so direct that it prompts men to approach her, to find something about her since she holds herself in such a way that it gives the incentive that she knows something they don't and they want to find out what it is. Immediately, I remember how Emma Watson prides herself on mystery and that she doesn't reveal everything about herself, since that's makes the boys wonder, and since they wonder, there is a conquest to discover her. So it seems that men do notice that taciturn vixen in the corner of their eye. Fascinating, I thought, since I figured that most guys project themselves to girls who are extremely sociable, loquacious, and, well, aptly put, popular. And while they agree there is something attractive about those girls, the general consensus is that it's easy to figure those types of girls since they reveal things easily and share quickly due to the burgeoning friendship. A quiet girl who flirts with her eyes and is inviting is much more sensuous and captivating. I admit, I perceive girls that are constantly surrounded by guys to naturally be seen as the girl that every guy wants to date, but I've been assured that that's not necessarily the case. In fact, I've been told, seriously with his voice low, that it's the girl that has this unspoken radiance and expels a spirit that captivates you the moment you lay eyes on her. After all, he asked me, what's more sexy than an attractive girl that sits quietly to herself and dresses as if she's strolling the streets of London or Basel? Quiet certainly, I thought to myself, that I would rather be a girl that guys wonder and spend time thinking about me in the sense that it takes more than a couple of sentences to get to know me. I mean this as selflessly as possible, of course, since every girl desires to be chased. And I aspire to be the girl that guys immediately sense that there is something different about me without ever opening my mouth.

2. Juxtaposing the previous point, I began to think about fashion styles that such girls would wear. And quite interestingly enough, the style seemed to display the rustic English countryside, with wool sweaters, boots, and knitted jumpers, yet the French cool, the "perfectly imperfect" with cat-eye eyeliner, messy updos and ponytails, and an air of availability.

3. I recently joined the Spotify universe, about a month ago. I would have joined earlier if Canada had it. (Come on, Canada, join the bandwagon.) And may I just say that my ears have been rejoicing with wonderful music. Especially with recent releases of singles and forthcoming albums (Taylor Swift, Muse, and Bethel to name a few that I'm monitoring), allow me to share the playlist that I've had on repeat for the past two weeks now.

I. Mumford and Sons--Babel (entire album)
II. Kimbra--Vows (entire album)
III. Paloma Faith--Do You Want The Truth or Something Beautiful? (entire album)
IV. Metronomy--The English Riviera (entire album)
V. Pablo Alboran--Volver A Empezar
VI. Mr. Little Jeans
VII. Ray LaMontagne
VIII. One Direction--Live While We're Young
French Cafe station on Pandora
Whether I'm baking a cake, trying a new recipe out of my cookbook, or simply writing a paper, the artists and albums and songs have accompanied me faithfully.

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