My Humble Abode

A while back (and I do mean a while back), I wrote on ideas that I wish to implement in my dorm room this year. While it still in the progress, I think it's good to take a step back and appreciate the progress that's being made.

I am all about personalizing my space and making myself feel like home, even if it's temporary. Thankfully, my roommate and I are on the same page in terms of decoration and theme, which works greatly in my favor. I like to infuse originality while incorporating apartment-style decor. Then, I stumbled across this on tumblr:

And the very words that left my lips was genius! How easy to use old glass containers and turn it into a very classy and inexpensive way of organizing makeup brushes. There are still ideas that are floating around and things that I need to buy to make the room feel even home-y; but, there's time to do it.

With the wonderful inception called Pinterest, there are loads of ideas that would not have otherwise crossed my path. For example, I am not a visually artistic person (writing is more my forte), but with all the DIY pins I see, it prompts me to get a canvas from the local art store and just paint. Paint what exactly, I'm not sure, but of two things I'll be certain: 1) it will cathartic, and 2) I will learn more about myself. Trail and error baby. After all, I learned how to bake through trail and error. (No, it did not end in burnt food; it's more that it's not exactly how I pictured it, but it still tasted good.) I just may do this soon.

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